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Wizard Magician Breaks Statute of Secrecy on Christmas Eve

By: Oswald Quiver

Christmas Eve is a big day for the western world - for both Wizard, Witch and Muggle alike.

This Christmas Eve a performer of the magical arts, also known as a "magician" to muggles, by the name of Ryland Silverthorne has caught the attention of The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes for revealing how.....

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Bank Robber at Gringotts

By: Selevas Amagus

It’s not uncommon in the muggle world to hear about bank robberies - but it is unusual that you would hear about Muggles trying to rob Wizarding Banks.

For the first time in history, a muggle-man was reported to have marched into Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley at approximately 11am waving around a black wand that was described to project pieces of elemental lead, also known to Muggles as a gun.

While no one was hurt during the transgression, the question looms - how exactly did...

Wand Scare In Diagon Alley

By: Oswald Quiver

Yesterday morning a large gap was discovered in the centre of Diagon Alley, exactly where 'Olivanders' wand shop resides. It was discovered that the entire building had been transported across to a primarily muggle area of London.

It is thought to be caused by a young trainee Auror. The Ministry of Magic has thus far refused to give a name for the young trainee, but have claimed that the proper repercussions will follow his "unfortunate mistake". There is currently an ongoing investigation into what happened to the young Aurors original wand, and it looks like he won't be getting a new one any time soon.

Minister Granger had this to say on the matter, "Although this is a...


By: Rita Skeeter

There are celebrities – and then there are celebrities. We’ve seen many a famous face from the wizarding world grace the stands here in the Patagonian Desert – Ministers and Presidents, Celestina Warbeck, controversial American wizarding band The Bent-Winged Snitches – all have caused flurries of excitement, with crowd members scrambling for autographs and even casting Bridging Charms to reach the VIP boxes over the heads of the crowd.

But when word swept the campsite and stadium that a certain gang of infamous wizards (no longer the fresh-faced teenagers they were in their heyday, but nevertheless recognizable) had arrived for the final, excitement was beyond anything yet seen. As the crowd stampeded, tents


By: Selevas Amagus

As the uneasy fog drifted across London early this morning, news toiled in regarding the deaths of six more Witches and Wizards in Knockturn Alley.

The scene was evocative of the same black magic used days before Halloween late last year. Similar to the attack on October 26th, all victims were found with the same distinct dark mark branded into their skulls and their bodies nearly unidentifiable. (According to a source at St. Mungo’s, they have been working diligently to identify the bodies and will notify the families shortly.)

While there was a brief hiatus in the number of Dark Magic related arrests directly following the....

Muggle At The Ministry...Delightful Chaos?

Delightful chaos: that’s how Minister Hermione Granger describes the responsibilities of the Ministry’s department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

From a kelpie, who was mistakenly labeled the Loch Ness monster of Ireland in 1933, to the “sleeping pattern adjustment” of thousands of owls as news spread of Voldemort’s defeat, and even through multiple sightings of Yeti’s in Tibet, the last century alone has been a wild ride for the world’s magical concealment officials.

The Daily Prophet holds the stance that chaotic is an apt description of the department–not delightful!

Vexing Vapors: Vampires Top Choice

Smoking, it seems, is a thing of the past. As wizarding society has begun to integrate some fringe forms of muggle culture, vaping has been on the rise. Much as we adapted the wireless from muggle radio services, vape stalls have been appearing in Diagon Alley, and even Hogsmeade. There are a variety of companies, each with their own claim to fame, though Vexing Vapors seems to be dominating the market.

But what exactly is vaping? A vape pen is similar in shape and size to a normal muggle pen- a self-inking,

handheld, writing utensil. The pens heat oils, waxes and/or dried herbs, allowing the user to inhale pure vapor, without the harmful toxins traditionally found in tobacco smoke. A simple heating charm replaces the function of the Muggles’ battery, allowing wizards and witches to enjoy the benefits of smoking with fewer side effects. Though the long-term risks of vaping are unknown, many witches and wizards have turned to them as a slightly-healthier form of smoking.

“The vape juice, or little liquids that go in , come

in almost any flavor you can imagine. We’ve even begun adding wizard-exclusive flavors to our selection,” says Stanley Shunpike, co-owner of Vexing Vapors. “I started seeing more and more people with ‘em on the Knight Bus, and saw an opportunity. I’m still there part time, and Lee handles the rest when I’m away. Best business partner I could ask for!”

Mr. Shunpike went on to say, “One plan in the works is…

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