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Magical Creatures or New Hexes? Muggles Calling It COVID19

By: Selevas Amagus

In a series of unprecedented events, one right after another, the Department of Mysteries and The Department of Magical Creatures have undergone a joint collaboration to understand what the muggle world has identified as COVID19.

Interestingly enough, not a single Wizard or Witch has been known to contract what the World Health Organization has deemed a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”. Regardless of it not affecting the magical community, the department of International Magical Cooperation has been following cases of the “virus” in muggles throughout multiple countries in an attempt to understand its pattern of contraction.

When we caught up with Edward Scot, the Lead Liaison Minister, he had the following to say regarding the situation:

“At this point in time we’re not sure why The Wizarding world is not being affected by COVID19. We have no recorded cases of contractions. I do know that the Department of Mysteries is looking into how a hex may have contributed to this outbreak, and that the Department of Magical creatures is performing autopsies on deceased muggles to look for connections to any magical animals.”

In an interview, the Lead Liaison could not provide any definitive answers for The world of magic, but it is important to note that they are looking into hexes and magical creatures as viable possibilities to this malady that has muggles more frantic than Magical Community was the last time an Erumpent was set loose in Diagon Alley.

One important warning the the department of International Magical Cooperation  wishes to share with the world of magic is this:

“Even though Muggles have taken to boarding up in their homes, we must continue to adhere to the International Statute of Secrecy and safeguard our community from the Muggles. Some wizards have been seen in the empty streets of London wearing robes, using magic and failing to conceal themselves because so many Muggles seem to have gone into hiding. One group of young Wizards was even discovered by a group of Muggles playing Quidditch out in the open on the countryside! Took a whole team of Oblivators to rectify the situation. Despite these unusual times, I remind you to stay vigilant and avoid notice from the Muggle community.”

Could a Wizard or Witch have conjured a hex that only affects muggles? Is a new, un-identified magical creature responsible for the novel disease muggles and no-majs are contracting? Why is our Wizarding community immune to this pandemic?

There seems to be an abundance of confusion and misinformation infiltrating the media at this time about the circumstances surrounding this malady. But one thing is for sure, The Daily Prophet will continue to follow up on the ongoing circumstances that are alluding both the muggle and the magical world.

Until then, Witches and Wizards, remember to keep your wands and broomsticks clean (Scourgify!) and stay out of sight of the Muggle community while we get to the bottom of this mysterious ailment.

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    • oh yes i am muggle born myself and know just how awful it is. I’m starting my second year at Hogwarts this fall. This covid19 thing I think is a hex, because the wizarding world may not have found all the charms, spells and curses. so any wizard or witch could have found a new one

      • I’m on my fourth year at Hogwarts and it’s pretty hard trying to school work on a computer. I’m trying to go to Hogwarts to become an Auror but it’s gonna be difficult due to this hex that the Muggles call Covid-19.

      • I’m on the Ravenclaw quidditch team too. Beater. I was the one who was pretty blooded up last year during that match against Slytherin.

      • Man you guys are making me feel old… I just graduated from Hogwarts last year! I was a Hufflepuff, I’m currently working at the ministry under the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures as Junior Magizoologist. If anyone’s about to graduate wants to work with magical creatures, let’s me know and I’ll put in good word!

    • it might be some sort of pure-blood’s idea of a prank on all the muggle born kids. a couple of my friends have gotten it, and they were all muggle born. probably a seventh year, because its a complex hex.

      • I’m so sorry, Geneva. Are your friends ok? Fortunately, all members of my family are wizards and I don’t know anyone who’s gotten it.

        • I am sure that my father once took me on a trip to the muggle world… It was not nice actually… I got the virus they talk abt… My father did a different hex on me I got recovered… so, there is no problem for us wizards and witches…

      • I feel so sorry for you guys. This was either an unlucky accident, or an extremely uncivilized pure-blood’s prank. 🙁
        But I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of it soon. :SL

      • Yes sister it’s awful and I think taht everyone in the wizarding world mustn’t go to a trip to the Muggle community right now because they are in danger to have coronovirus it will be terrible!

      • Why are you using polyjuoce potion? We both now that I’m Hermione Granger and you are a Death Eater or something like that.

    • I very much think it’s Umbridge too Sophia. Cause Umbridge made Harry write ”I must not tell lies.” in his own BLOOD when she was the Defence against dark arts teacher.

        • Mr. Snape, that’s a point but it doesn’t matter whether she works at the ministry of not. Mrs. Potter and Miss Sophia are right. Umbridge would do anything to harm muggleborns and muggles. P.s. Mr. Snape, your sacrifices for this world are great💚💚💚, honestly, we❤️you xoxo

          – Varsha Iyengar
          First-year Gryffindor, Hogwarts

        • By the way, Mr. Snape, are you writing from the Afterlife or is it your portrait writing here? If it’s actually you writing from the Afterlife, I am glad you are still in touch with all of us modern day witches and wizards! 💚💚💚 we❤️you XOXO

          – Varsha Iyengar
          First-year Gryffindor

        • Elore Greengrass

          She’s in Azkaban, thankfully, so she couldn’t have used it, especially now that auror’s instead of dementors are guarding Azkaban.

        • professor, She could have someone covering up her tracks. Like when she was in Hogwarts. Remember, her potronus is a cat. Cat’s are sneaky.

    • #Harbor Chienonami__StubbornRavenclaw

      Lol. But to think of it, it is possible; Umbridge mostly hates Muggle-borns, and to hurt them ( she would do ANYTHING), she might as well put a teeny hex on them. I hope the Ministry finds out the last spell Umbridge used with her wand. But Umbridge is not that dumb– she might use a different wand from someone else loyal to her. The Ministry better search who did this.


      • Probs?
        Harry, Hermione and *grit teeth*… Ron worked so hard to make sure he WOULDN’T-No questions asked.
        Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… They ARE done, right??

    • Same I think that too. I’m sure some Death Eaters having a bunch of fun trying to kill off a whole bunch of muggles.

  • So, the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures have began to do autopsies of Muggles now, have they? Preposterous! I mean, really, what ARE the point of the Muggle Liaison Office, if not to keep an open line of communication with the Muggle Prime Minister in times like this. And come to think of it, what is the British Institute for Muggle Studies doing these days, exactly? Playing gobstones?

      • Elore Greengrass

        According to muggles, it originated in China, and many places other than the United Kingdom and Ireland, so perhaps a foreign wizard.

  • Since this Covide19, is all around the globe. Would be possible that the Death Eaters, are around the globe as well, but unable to be detacted?

  • A Random Ravenclaw

    I’m a muggle-born witch, and living in a house of 5 muggles, I also must stay quarantined to avoid suspicion of the muggle cops.

  • this is a dangerous thing. I think the Death Eater’s are behind this. As this is all around the globe are Death Eater’s too?

  • I truly believe that this pandemic in the muggle world is a hex. Though I think that this pandemic was caused by a witch/wizard fooling around with magic. As dark witches and wizards would have made this illness spread to the muggle community and the magical community, to create an environment suitable for world take over. With everything said I do wish the muggles to take care and stay safe.

  • Anna Catherine Ruff

    How horrible! While I do not know any muggles myself, several muggle born friends have told me about the fearful aura surrounding muggles these days.

    A reminder to all that muggles are not weak, nor are they stupid. Please remember that!

  • RavenclawClassof2015

    Visiting my mates and family here in the United States and I must Say that these Muggles are perhaps handling it the most poorly of anyone.

    • Benjamin Longbottom

      We Americans are handling it very well thank you very much, for example, my family (they don’t know I am a wizard) has been going outside without masks forever like for since this thing started.

      • From a pure blood who doesn’t like muggles

        You Americans are handling this virus in the U.S. very very poorly… I believe you are a muggle because a bunch of dumb muggles there say you are handling it very well…

        • Elore Greengrass

          I think that definitely there are a large amount of people who don’t in the United States, and that the government is not handling it well, though there definitely are people who act well. And also, Benjamin Longbottom, doesn’t your family know? Because they might be confused with you disappearing to hogwarts every year.

    • #Harbor Chienonami__StubbornRavenclaw


    • Bellatrix tried to kill Ginny!! She also Killed Sirius And DOBBY. Im happy she died and im Proud o f Molly Weasley for killing her!!!

      – Chloe Lovegood (Luna Lovegood’s daughter) – Ravenclaw

    • Some death eaters were not caught. Others who were caught said that they were under the Imperius curse. Also if they escaped the would probably get new wands or steal wands. Or Nargles could be behind it.

      – Chloe Lovegood (Luna Lovegoods daughter) – Ravenclaw

      • Elore Greengrass

        After the battle, no death eaters could quite pretend, at least ones which show extreme loyalty to you-know-who. And now aurors guard Azkaban, so nobody could escape without it being reported. I also thought your mum discovered that nargles and similar creatures didn’t exist after she became a magizoologist.

    • A Slytherin afraid of Voldemort? I call that progress. Also, if Voldemort is dead and long gone, I don’t think Death Eaters matter as much.

  • A Muggle Lover Who Loves Muggles

    The Muggles have been making this “Counter Potion” to inject into other Muggles arms. Do you think their “Counter Potion” would actually work against the hex? I’m a bit concerned for the Muggles…

    • #Harbor Chienonami__StubbornRavenclaw

      I’m not sure… and also, they’re not called potions– they’re called vaccines. Kind of like potions, except, you don’t drink it.

    • Hufflepuff Girl (1st year)

      Yes, I’m sure us witches and wizards could easily created a painless drinkable counter potion instead of these so-called vaccines… only if we could help those muggles

  • Anonymous Gryffindor

    This might be some kind of hex! Thank god we can still go back to school (Hogwarts), I’ve been missing Alex! (Alice Granger-Weasley/Gryffindor/5th year/Quidditch Captain/Currently dating Alexander Diggory, 5th year as well)

    • #Harbor Chienonami__StubbornRavenclaw

      Aww, how nice. I’m in 2nd year, and I have no interest in boys. Most of the boys in my common room are disgusting.

    • I miss my boyfriend too. Can’t wait to see him! (Luna Potter-Weasley/Slytherin/6th year/Prefect/Right now dating Joel Granger-Weasley, 7th year)

      • If you a Potter-Weasley and your dating a Granger-Weasley doesn’t that mean your dating you cousin??

        – Chloe Lovegood (Luna Lovegood’s daughter) – Ravenclaw

        • Rose Miriam Malfoy (Formerly Weasley)

          I didn’t know I had a cousin named Luna. Oh my gosh, if you’re a Potter-Weasley, does that mean that Auntie Ginny and Uncle Harry had a kid nobody knows about? I miss Uncle Harry dearly, my condolences.

  • #Harbor Chienonami__StubbornRavenclaw

    No. As a half-blood, the Muggles call it a virus. And viruses are very, very, tiny. Not-been-able-to-see-with-a-naked-eye tiny. Perhaps the Ministry can do SOMETHING to find all this mess… if it IS a hex or curse.

  • Jeremy Sun (7th Year Gryffindor)

    Is it possible the virus is related to bats? My muggle cousins in america are telling me that they get targeted for being asian americans. Sort of like how pure-bloods used to treat us muggle-borns. Also, I’m wondering if this will affect this year’s N.E.W.Ts exams.

  • COVID 19 is So confusing……Either it’s a hex or a curse. I remember someone saying that it could be a death eater but I don’t believe that. If also could be related to bats. A lot of people said that it’s related to bats.

    • Lavender Portlock ( Gryffindor 4th year, Keeper )

      Yes, many countries or states believed that the virus is ( are ) related the animals like bats. But, to tell the truth, many people wondered, it might come from a lab or something else. Muggles, Muggle-borns or Half-bloods expected that it’s probably from China ( the Muggle world ) , but not sure where exactly. As a Half-blood myself, I believe that any options could be correct, no matter who chose to believe them.

  • I just read on the muggle-web that it is actually a germ, it is so tiny that you can’t see it but it can cause death if absorbed.

  • I’m a witch muggle-born, and hide in muggle word as nurse assistant and I think this is a hex and can affect some of us!! It was created by a group of witches and dark wizards. Not a single witch or wizard can do without help of the dark. I survived this hex and was able to protect my loved ones. However I must admit it’s was such a dangerous and exhausting fight. Fighting against the unseen it’s very challenging. Unfortunately, this “virus” (like muggles called it) as mutated. Now it’s more dangerous, contagious and deathly than before! I would recommend just to be vigilant and safe.

  • It is a hex. I doubt Umbridge would do that or Snape. First of all. Snape is a Hogwarts teacher, he would not do that with all of the other teachers close by. Umbridge works for the ministry, surely she would not want the ministry to be blamed for this.

    • Mother!
      Haven’t you forgot, Umbridge is in Azkaban!
      Oh, sorry, I thought dad was going to make it a surprise. Cause both of you two hate Umbridge, right?
      Anyway, Umbridge have been kicked out of the Ministry for ages, you know that.

  • I live in the muggle world and I’m starting my first year at Hogwarts in September I need to go to Diagon Alley and my my school things is their a way to get their without going through the muggle world you see I’m a muggle born my mom and dad told me all of the stories of Harry Potter I hope I get to meet him on day Please if anyone knows how I can get to Diagon Alley with going through the muggle world please tell me and I live in a flat with my uncle as my mom and dad had died a year before Covid 19 came along.

  • The muggles where I am in the states are taking this all really badly…. I couldn’t attend Ilvermony this year! WE are taking many of our lessons through flew powder, only the muggle borns though. Even a year later we still can’t do anything! Since I moved schools from Ilvermony I have been enrolled in Hogwarts and its been much easier to take classes.

  • Am I the only one who believes that maybe it could just be desease? I mean, it’s ended like this in the past, the Black death, countless plagues just only affect Muggles. Honestly, have none of you paid attention in history of magic? I guess Slytherin is the only one with any wit. I wuld have thought better of the Ravenclaws on here.

      • CastChance Unique

        Either you guys are just gloating to make yourselves feel better, or you have no brains, because you’re picking a fight that you can’t win. Of course we’ve noticed. Some Ravenclaws just prefer to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. I would’ve left you alone, but attempting to insult another’s house is just wrong. I’m not saying that Slytherins are rude, no. Some of them are actually pretty nice once you get to know them. The key words here are ‘Some of them’.

        ~CastChance Unique, 5th Year, Ravenclaw Prefect, Quidditch Seeker

        • I’m not saying I agree with what she said about any other house. (Honestly, ravenclaw is a great house, second best choice…) I agree that slytherins are great, not that everyone else is bad. My bestie is Maria Goldstine, and she’s a hufflepuff. So sorry if I insulted anyone.

  • I’m a griffindor 4th year in Hogwarts and I believe that the muggles are getting sick because they are not yet immune to it. As far as I’m concerned all people that are magic (except muggle-borns that are still magic) are immune to this “virus” because we have had much more sicknesses than muggles and maybe it’s not a creature or what we think , maybe we have had this virus before and are immune to it because of that.

    • CastChance Unique

      Hmmm… I don’t know any potions that can take care of that, but I can try and come up with one. Maybe if I modify The Healing Potion… hmm… I’m not exactly the best at potions, but I’m good at research. And Charms, of course… OH! I know just who to ask!

      ~CastChance Unique, 5th Year, Ravenclaw Prefect, Quidditch Seeker

  • CastChance Unique

    To be honest, I would think that it was a Witch or Wizard messing around one day. (Gryffindors… I’m looking at you…) If it was a Dark Wizard or Witch, (Oh Merlin please not again. We’ve already dealt with Voldemort.) Then they would’ve cast the spell/Hex/Curse to affect the Wizarding World as well, seeing as that would’ve been a GREAT opportunity to take over.

    ~CastChance Unique, 5th Year, Ravenclaw Prefect, Quidditch Seeker

  • My theory is that it’s similar to the curse on the Defense Against The Dark Arts post. If you don’t know every year there’s a new professor because it’s cursed, we don’t know where it came from. Similar to this, muggles have experienced a virus of some kind every century, the one before Covid-19 was the Spanish Flu, so this might not be the cause of a new wizard but one from many years ago

  • Rose Miriam Malfoy (Formerly Weasley)

    I am appalled, Scorpius and I are supposed to be sending two of our children into years 5 and 3! I have studied up on the subject and I believe it is the doing of a muggle, as there is no trace of magic. (I work for the Ministry) The not-so-rational Quidditch player in me wants to celebrate that Muggles have to do something other than party all day, but the rational, Hermione side of me knows I should not. Oh dear me, Faith (My fifth year) asked me what a ventilator is. I have no earthly clue! Could someone please explain this strange object? As I do not work in the same department as my Father-in-Law.

  • I know it has not had effected any of us when this was published but my mother had a case of what we thought was Dragon Pox, until we found out later she spread it to a muggle walking to St. Mungo’s and he contracted COVID, he is our neighbor and his results came back as they say: “positive.” I think we exposed them to a magical disease they have never contracted, but that is just my theory.

  • Yes this muggle virus is quite weird. I am very interested in studying Care Of Magical Creatures. I’ve been doing major research on the Muggle internet about this “coronavirus” and it seems kind of scary. Of course, I’m sure our wizarding world could fix that easily if it was affecting us… or could they? Lord Voldemort is destroyed, but there may be still Death Eaters… or children of Death Eaters… maybe Death Eaters did it! Trying to kill off all the muggles…

  • Christi Granger, A 2nd year Gryffindor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    (I’m related to Hermione Granger) I’m in 2nd year right now and I do feel so bad for the muggles. As a muggleborn I have had some of my family members pass away from this aweful virius.

  • Wilhelmina Rabajacke

    This might be a virus spread by a Nundu, dark magic or even a undiscovered magical creature. I hope we can comprehend and solve the situation. Meanwhile, Prefect duty is hard on a computer…

  • I am in my second year of Hogwarts, my name is Jenny and I am in Hufflepuff and yes, I am muggle-born so I know just how bad COVID-19 is.

  • Elizabeth Schlecht

    You all have fantastic points! I graduated a few years past and work at the ministry, everyone’s going frantic over there trying to figure it out.

  • Are you quite sure it’s not the remaining Death Eaters? Some of them are still at large and might be using Dark Magic to do this. After all, aren’t they the ones with a vendetta against Muggles and Muggleborns?

  • I hope the muggles take Care off it soon it sounds like Dark magic has been used
    I hope minister granger take action…

  • It’s really lucky for the wizarding community that we cant be infected by the virus. The Muggles are struggling so much, people are dying, losing jobs, starving because of the situation they’re in. As a Auror myself, I cant stand knowing about citizens after citizens die because of this deadly pandemic. A few weeks ago, while I was patrolling, a fine soul of a Muggle cough at my face. I was quite worried for him, not for myself, because I cant be infected by any virus at the time. After walking away, I imagined if I was just a normal Muggle, I would suffer so much. Just imagine how Muggles would react to that cough, they would panic. The fear of being so close to the death, a painful one, must be horrible. Although I should be happy for myself, being a witch, I cant be grateful about people being dead.

  • My mom’s a Muggleborn. She is, however, quite… all right! We’ve all been in quarantine! And it’s horrible. I’m stuck with Hector, Howard and my twin Heaven everyday! And our parents’ ALWAYS busy. But the scandal with Ginevra and Ronald couldn’t have been forgotten, no. My parents haven’t made any things lose out. I hope they’ll be okay. But Ginevra and Ronald… they’re my parents’ exes, and they slipped Amortentia to them. Not good, aren’t they? One of my mom’s close friend at work even told Harry and her, “Hermione, Harry, I can’t understand why you haven’t out the Weasleys (not all of them, just Ginevra, Ronald and their mother) in Azkaban! They’ve made Amortentia!” They replied with, “Yes, Emma, we understand, but the after works would be horrible. Imagine if Skeeter heard it.” I totally understand them, though.

  • I am a first year and I continue to go to school. I already had COVID before, but it isn’t harmful. So we should all calm down. Just stay healthy and do your exercise.

  • It is quite sad that the muggles can’t get proper healers like we do… The poor children can’t even go to school.

  • COVID 19 can be quite scary for muggles for they don’t even have the possibility of finding a potion or spell that can solve this at once

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