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Masterful Break-In at Gringotts Bank

Masterful Break In And Escape From Gringotts

In a publication that was written on the 31st of July, 1991 – The Daily Prophet reported on the masterful break in and escape from Gringotts. What it did not report however was dark magic used to facilitate the break in, and the multiple deaths that followed because of it.

In a recent finding by one of our archivists here at The Daily Prophet, we have uncovered the full length publication that was never released to the world of magic – until now.In a gruesome and elaborate attempt to break into Gringotts, unidentified Wizards and Witches were seen earlier as they absconded through Gringotts trying to keep a low profile.

Many witnesses only remember multiple cloaked figures wandering the lower chambers of the bank with black cloaks on and their heads cast downward – wands at the ready.

One Goblin commenting ‘I wasn’t going to ask what they were doing here or why. I had seen them casting spells from down the hall on anyone who asked them. Unforgivable spells.’

While multiple bodies have been located, none have been identified or named due to the horrendous nature of the condition they were found in.

As the death tally continues to rise we had a chance to catch up with the Department of Magical Law Enforcements Amelia Bones.

When inquiring what the Wizards and Witches were doing and how they escaped from Gringotts, the head of the department told us that ‘Nothing had been taken from the vault that was raided. We’re not sure what the intruders were looking for, but they left empty handed.’

A Goblin who was also present would not give The Daily Prophet any information regarding what the vault that was broken into contained and only commented that, ‘The Wizarding Community and The Paper should keep its noses out of it, if it knew what’s good for it.’

The Daily Prophet stood by as St. Mungos personal rolled a minimum of 14 Goblin bodies out of Gingotts bank. With no lead or further information on how the escape from Gringotts took place, authorities are bewildered and can only hope more witnesses come forward with pertinent information pertaining to the case.


Dear Barnabas,

Our sources inside at The Daily Prophet have provided a copy to of us on the publication titled ‘ESCAPE FROM GRINGOTTS | DEAD BODIES CONTINUE TO ADD UP’, and it is our regret to inform you that due to the surrounding circumstances of this tragedy, we are demanding that the article be changed to reflect far less details. I can not say why but it is of the utmost importance that The Daily Prophet yields to The a Ministry of Magic’s behest.

Thank you for your understanding.

Magically Yours,
Cornelius Fudge

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