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Heir of Slytherin Finally Placed! Sorting Hat Cursed & Confused

In an unprecedented turn of events, The Daily Prophet was finally able to catch up with Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardries Headmaster Minerva McGonagall, regarding the sorting ceremony and placement of Colleen Seidel (covered here in our previous story), the last known heir to Salazar Slytherin.

The Daily Prophet had previously received word by Owl that during the ceremony the Sorting Hat was unable to place first-year student Colleen over the course of at least ten attempts.

When initially placed on her head the Sorting Hat broke out into an ear-shrieking scream that resembled something similar to a howler. Interestingly enough, the Sorting Hat was placed on several students between the attempts of Colleen and sorted them with extreme ease.

When we were finally granted an interview with headmaster McGonagall we inquired what had happened during the sorting ceremony.

Headmaster McGonagall informed The Prophet that:

For days, Hogwart’s Professors nor I understood what the cause of this sorting debacle was or how to fix it.

After much deliberation the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Magical Artefacts was sought out in hopes to understand why the sorting hat was unable to place a Colleen.

Just yesterday we recieved owl that the Sorting Hat was cursed with dark magic to prevent the sorting of Colleen and the artefact will remain in the custody of the appropriate department until further notice.

When we asked the Headmaster how Colleen is to be placed, the following was conveyed:

We’ve allowed Ms. Seidel to pick her own house until the investigation has concluded. We are in hopes that she will be welcomed naturally by the students around her and if so, it may be prudent to keep her in the house of her choosing. 

For now…

The Headmaster sighed and looked down

She has choosen Gryffindor

When The Prophet inquired about how she personally felt regarding the decision, Headmaster McGonagall declined to answer.

For those of us old enough to remember, Minerva McGonagall was the Head of House for Gryffindor from 1956 – 1998 and may have strong feelings about the direction Colleen has taken.

For now, we’ve again been left with more questions than answers.

Why was the sorting hat cursed? Why did Colleen choose Gryffindor as her house of choices? Will the other students be accepting of this decision in light of the surrounding circumstances?

Make sure to check your owls daily as this story continues to unfold.

Comments (100)

    • The family has nothing to do with the sorting. It’s who the person is. My whole family is made of Gryffindors yet I’m a Slytherin. Bloodline has nothing to do with it.

    • It is her choice, though I’m surprised she didn’t want to go in the house of Slytherin. After all, Salazar Slytherin IS her heir.

    • Although I am in 2 year in Hogwarts but I can cast spells like expecto patronus to avada kedavra thus I am a prefect and also the headboy of gryffindor

      I personally don’t hate her being in gryffindor cause it is totally her choice and remember sorting hat cares about our choices also

    • Snuffles The magic wizard

      Me decedents of godric gryffindor and pure blood in the gryffindor house am not mad but not happy.You see to be a gryffindor you to be able to have the traits of a gryffindor which are,loyalty,bravery,nerve,daring,courage,brave, and determination, an I would say that she has been brave and bold to make a move like that so well just have to see where she goes next

    • I actually am a pureblood, I’m the sister of Scorpius Malfoy, I haven’t began Hogwarts yet though enjoy reading the prophet. My father expects me to be a ravenclaw dues to my intelligence and wit. He doesn’t care, overall he’s proud!

      • You will be a Ravenclaw. Yeah I was there when it happened and it was really scary. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m going into my third year.

    • Same for me, but Ravenclaw. My parents want me to do my muggle education too, so I can only go to hogwarts in person when I am on break. But I get all of my work done in just 2 days, so Hogwarts lets me, my parents did the same thing when they were kids. As long as I keep up with my work from hogwarts, I can go to both muggle and Hogwarts schools. I sometimes get letters from friends that go to Hogwarts. It gets kinda hard for my friends and I because we can’t really hang out as much as we wish we could. My first year was allhogwarts, but now my parents have heard about the heir of slytherin return, they want me going to Hogwarts Very little, because they fear the worst. I sometimes tell them They’re a little paranoid.

      • Fred Weasley Junior

        Your very right, Your parents are paranoid. And the Sorting Hat taking more than five minutes is called a Hatstall.

  • In the past it seems like the Sorting Hat was building armies more than sorting houses, so I wonder if the “curse” was nothing more than a fail safe to keep the Hat from doing this once again? It does make you wonder about what the Hat might know, and who would want to stop it, if in fact that is what it’s doing.

  • Future Hogwarts student (hopefully)

    I don’t understand why everyone is so surprised that she chose griffin for maybe she didn’t like what her ansestor
    (Salazar Slytherin) how he wanted it so that only pure bloods can attend so maybe she chose griffindor

  • My friend at the Department of Muggle Artefacts said that he was rather confused by the situation… apparently at the current moment they just cannot figure out what is going on. As for the poor student, I do hope she isn’t mentally scarred from the experience, even if she is the heir of Slytherin. I am rather surprised that she chose Gryffindor, but I suppose deviation from family patterns can happen, most of my family were/are in Hufflepuff, but I was in Ravenclaw.

  • I’m starting my second year, and I’m a little scared, my friend is a mudblood you see, I’m a pureblood, but I’m afraid to lose her..

  • 𝕡𝕚𝕡𝕖𝕣 𝕘𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕣-𝕨𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕝𝕖𝕪

    I wonder if the hat saw something dreadful in Colleen’s mind and couldn’t take it. What if she was hiding something bad?

    • To build on that idea, I think that it is something that was far away in the past. Similar to Harry Potter, Coleen can see things that Salazar Slytherin experienced. Perhaps, now, the hat has all the pieces to a puzzle. An evil dark puzzle that it has been trying to finish for centuries. It’s quite possible that Salazar Slytherin had done something awful that the hat had seen, and now it is finally realizing what, or who, or when, or where. I know that it is hard to believe something so ludicrous. Yet, the possibility of Coleen having visions like Harry Potter, and the sorting hat having such a traumatic dark realization is not impossible. I ask the Daily Prophet to deeper investigate this subject. To dig to the very bottom of everything and anything until they know the truth. Otherwise, we could end up with another death or two at Hogwarts. Which could be one of these very commenters. Obviously, it is just a theory, but it could be a fact.

      Hoping you are well,

    • She’s a child, that’s a horrid accusation. The Sorting Hat is over a 1000 years old at this point. It’s going to start breaking down eventually. In all likelihood it’s probably just her immense magical power.

  • Why did she pick Griffyndorr out of all the other houses, do you think that we could have another repeat of the chamber of secrets??? If so shouldn’t the school shut-down??

  • You see im a third year huffelpuff, and im also a mud-blood, so In my opinion until we know that colleen is safe I think the school should shut down.

  • As a worker at the Ministry of Magic’s Magical Co-operation office,
    I hereby think that it is wrong that the Sorting hat is cursed.It had been at Hogwarts for over 400 years!Godric Gryffindor himself made it!And now it is cursed?!How Rubbish!

  • Be who you want to be!
    Everyone is different, look at me, all my older siblings got Slytherin but I got Hufflepuff.
    Being different shouldn’t be looked down upon. It should be admired, just look at Luna Lovegood.

    • Yh people made fun of my mum but she turned out to be a world famous naturalist who is the heir of ravenclaw

      Chloe Lovgood {luna lovegood’s child} – 3rd year Ravenclaw – Heir of Ravenclaw

  • Anonymous Gryffindor (Alice Granger-Weasley)

    She is very much like my Uncle, Harry Potter. Uncle Harry is a parseltongue, yet put in Gryffindor, same goes for Colleen, they both chose Gryffindor. See the resemblance? She’s a nice fellow, really. We’re friends, best-friends, and we’re apparently both gifted in numerous subjects.

  • I was here when this happened. It was quite odd. Colleen deserves to be comforted, and I hope that the rest of the students at Hogwarts won’t give her such a hard time. I know what it feels like, as I was a muggle-born sorted to Slytherin, and everyone sort of avoided me my first year. I hung out with the people nobody wanted to be around before I became the Slytherin Seeker.

  • It is my first year at Hogwarts this year and I am in Ravenclaw but my best friend is a Gryffindor, we both are the first of our families to go to Hogwarts but we are both muggleborn. We were both quite shaken after she was not sorted in the ceremony scared if it might happen again. I asked professor mcgonagall immediately after the ceremony to see if that was normal and also to see what house Colleen was going to be put in and she told me that this was not normal and that Colleen would be placed in Gryffindor. I am rather worried for my friend in Gryffindor because if she really is a descendant of Salazar slytherin then I want extra precautions to be taken to ensure our safety at the school and I think if the chamber of secrets is to be opened we should use vertiserim to make sure it was her then expel her because I am doubting the safety of Hogwarts these days and I think the staff should be doing anything they can to keep the students safe.

  • I am right now working for the ministry and I also heard about it
    I think the poor girl should be comforted rather than being discriminated… after all who are we to say she is evil?

  • Maybe She Didn’t want to cause further drama as she may not be like her ancestors ?
    She may not be bad
    Think about it Horace Slughorn he Was in Slytherin but he wasn’t really that bad So she might be trying to show that she is not bad??

    • Dad. While I agree Slytherin is better she should be able to go where she wants to. I’m reaching out to her tomorrow seeing if she needs any help. I don’t care that she’s a Gryffindor I can still be her friend.

  • you forgot Wulfric – its Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

    Chloe Lovgood {luna lovegood’s child} – 3rd year Ravenclaw – Heir of Ravenclaw

  • Hey, my dad (Draco Malfoy) is proud that I’m a slyfindor! THe sorting hat could’ve place me in any house, but he asked me, ASKED ME, what house I wanted to be in! I wanted to be two houses so now i’m a Slyfindor and proud of it!!! It doesn’t matter what house she’s in!

  • Henry Uslan, Death Eater

    Are they already going back to school in England full time? I live in the United States, and Ilvermorny is still virtual.

    • Yes, we’re in person here, though it seems like the rest of England isn’t doing so well right now. Hogwarts itself is doing alright, we quarantined in the building at the start of the year.

  • The basilisk is dead. How can it attack students? Why are people so worried about the new heir of Slytherin if Slytherin’s monster has been defeated? Or perhaps they’re worried about the person who cursed the hat. Unless they were trying to save Hogwarts. They could have thought that somehow she would like “awaken” the now dead basilisk. So obvisouly this was either a plot to scare people out of there wits (because that worked), someone is really up to no good and we should keep our eyes out, or they were actually trying to save Hogwarts byt hoping that if she wasn’t sorted that means she would never be allowed into Hogwarts. That person must not be very clever if that is the case. But also the sorting hat is a powerful object such as the goblet of fire. It would be almost impossible to have cursed it. So we obviously have a very powerful witch or wizard on our hands.

  • It’s a good thing students have warmed up to her now. No one really wanted to talk to her at first, I kind of felt bad. I’m a Hufflepuff, and I tried to make her feel at home here at the start of the year. My friends and I welcomed her into our group with open arms and now it seems like things are getting better for her! I’m not sure if they’ve gotten the sorting hat in check but she seems to like it in Gryffindor!

  • Colleen is a really sweet girl, truly! I feel bad for her, though. Everyone’s afraid of her! 🙁 I wish people wouldn’t think of her as evil.

  • Serenity Delacour

    Who wouldn’t want her to be Sorted? Might be a Slytherin… maybe someone felt jealous of her being the heir of Slytherin… Or maybe a teacher to prevent the Chamber of Secrets from opening again… Maybe an enemy she knew when she was younger… Who knows?

  • Talar Gabriella Asdourian

    As a Gryffindor, im happy to have her! She’s a nice enough girl and we haven’t had problems! I hope she chooses to stay with us!

  • Wilhelmina Rabajacke

    I remember that! Everyone was quite shocked. It was a job for the prefects calming down their house after the incident took place. Me and my fellow prefect took care of it though, but I feel bad for Colleen, the little girl looked terrified when Professor Mc. Gonagall took her away from the Great Hall. I met her a couple of times, she’s still shook by the incident but hopefully she’ll be alright. And yes, she is getting bullied…

    • Fred Weasley Junior

      I remember it too well. I call it the “Prefect Calming Ceremony.” There was a 1st Year that actually cried. I calmed him down for half a hour.

  • Elliæn Lovegood

    It’s what you are that matters if you are really ambitious while your parent were really brave, then you might be in slytherin while they are in gryffindor. What your family is dosent matter in the sorting i guess its just you pURe yOU.?

  • It was a rather strange sorting ceremony, I sensed something was wrong with the Hat when I first looked at it, but I wasn’t quite sure, as I’m only a second year. I support her choice of Griffindoor, but I was a bit taken aback when she didn’t choose Ravenclaw, as I certainly would have welcomed her as a fellow house member

  • Very interesting story I must say. I’ll begin my first year soon so maybe I’ll be able to see Colleen. I’m a half-blood and my mom says I’ll be a Hufflepuff.

  • My mum wold have taken me from the school before the Sorting Ceremony ended if she didn’t know I know all of the curse words the Sorting Hat said in all languages (muggle and magical) that ever existed (including the ones no one uses anymore) by heart. (I have a very dark personality.)

  • For sure it is very interesting that as the heir of Slytherin she wanted to be in Gryffindor but now we will see if she can be a Gryffindor because to be a Gryffindor you must have loyalty,bravery,courage and determination

  • “There’s not a single witch or wizard that went bad that wasn’t in Slytherin.” That’s what Hagrid told Potter, wasn’t it? Perhaps this is good news? Perhaps Slytherin’s name will no longer be forsaken. Tom went bad. Delphini went bad. But perhaps this young lady will be the end of that cursed lineage. Perhaps. I would be interested to see how she wields her lineage.

  • It’s doesn’t matter,even Harry Potter who’s his parents was Gryffindor almost being sorted in Slytherin. And open the chamber. So I don’t think every Slytherin heir is as Tom evil

  • Izzy Friedman/Ravenclaw/Second Year/Not Dating Anyone

    I’m surprised that she chose Gryffindor! I agree that just because she was related to Slytherin doesn’t mean she is one but I would think that when she had the choice she chose the house she was related to!

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