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Potion Discovery Leads to Medical Breakthrough

Potion Discovery Leads to Medical Breakthrough

Accomplished Hogwarts Herbology Professor Neville Longbottom has stunned Potioneers, Healers, and peers everywhere with his discovery of an amazing new restorative potion. Neville brewed the potion especially to aid the wellbeing of his parents, the esteemed ex-Aurors Frank and Alice Longbottom. The former Aurors were forced out of employment when the Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange (b1951 – d1998), tortured them both through the use of an Unforgivable Curse. Extended victims of the torture curse, their once excellent minds were reduced to something described by healers as ‘perpetually infantile’. Their compulsory medical retirement was effective immediately, as they became mandatory inpatients of St. Mungo’s Janus Thickey Ward.

Following extensive consultation with the team of Head Healers at St Mungo’s, Professor Longbottom served his parents a substance of his own creation containing Mandrake root and Jewelweed, amongst other ingredients. “My studies began with the Mandrake root,” Professor Longbottom explained. “I had witnessed its immensely powerful recovering properties during my years at Hogwarts as a student and wanted to explore how much further this could be exploited. My struggle was that this particularly tricky plant loses its effectiveness when combined with too many other ingredients. Stewing the different plants together with Jewelweed, for its soothing qualities, seems to be a viable solution!” Rather than just providing some form of temporary relief, as he and the Healers had been hoping, the potion restored Frank and Alice Longbottom to a lasting state of sound mind.

Having excelled at Herbology in his schooling years, this recent venture into potions was wholly unexpected for Professor Longbottom, especially considering the D (Dreadful) result of his OWL, causing him to drop the subject for NEWT studies which required nothing less than E (Exceeds Expectations) to advance.

“I had no idea it would be so effective!” Stammered a visibly stunned Professor Longbottom as his family showered him with hugs and affection. “I just noticed the key effects of several different healing plants that could be brought to work together if mixed with aged Jewelweed that had been stewed precisely. I had only envisioned it being a temporary relief or boost, like a pepper-up potion for the mind!” He explained further, as he was wrapped in his mother’s arms with his father’s hand clasped firmly on one shoulder. “Yet, after my parents had taken a sip, the change I witnessed in both of them was beyond all belief!”

The method for brewing this wonderous potion, at the time of printing, has not been released. A hospital insider, however, has informed this reporter that the methodology in full has been gifted to St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, with the further instruction that all profits from the potion’s use are to be contributed toward the healing of other Hospital patients.

Professor Longbottom’s potion, named Combinreficiat, for both it’s creation and effects; has been dedicated to his parents, Frank and Alice. “Their Auror days have always been an example for me to strive towards,” Longbottom explained. “Their hospitalization provided me with a cause upon which to focus my research. Without them, I couldn’t have hoped to do half of what I’ve accomplished.”

“A miraculous stroke of inspiration!” Exclaimed esteemed Medicinal Potioneer May Q. Better. “I have been experimenting with similar ingredients for decades without success! Professor Longbottom’s ingenious insight to stew these ingredients amongst others, together in Jewelweed was simply sublime! I have no hesitation in saying that Combinreficiat will prove to be the potion of the Century!”

Professor Longbottom’s first instinct, on seeing the success of his potion, was to introduce his parents to his wife, Hannah Longbottom (née: Abbott), only to find out that they had retained a great deal of what they had been told during their many years as invalids. Healers present said they were overjoyed to finally be able to properly welcome Hannah into their family as they had longed to do for so many years. Furthermore, it is reported they were bursting with happiness that they could finally express their elation at Neville’s employment as a Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Combinreficiat has since been successfully administered to all patients within the Janus Thickey Ward, and Healers and common-folk alike are eagerly waiting to see just how widespread this potion’s remedy will prove to be across different magical injuries.

Frank and Alice Longbottom have resumed advisor roles within the Auror Office of the Ministry of Magic, determined to be of use, even if past their physical prime as Aurors. In related news, however, former Hogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, having recovered fully from his mental trauma as a result of the Combinreficiat, has baffled professionals in getting directly back to his work as a heroic vigilante. Inside sources report he is already preparing for the release of a new novel, Expedition with Erumpents, for publication by mid-2019.

Only time will tell how broad the positive results of Combinreficiat will prove to be. Professor Longbottom has certainly written his place in the annals of Hogwarts’ greats.

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