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Beguiling Brewery Extends Sleekeasy's Magical Hair Products

Beguiling Brewery Extends Sleekeazy’s

Breaking news has reached us from from Beguiling Brewery’s PR rep, Bethany Belvedere. “The rumors that we are extending the Sleekeazy’s line of hair products is absolutely true. Not only have we formulated a shampoo and conditioner to make bushy hair more controllable with less effort on a daily basis, the new products do not have any untoward side effects for those with red hair like the original product did. It’s a slight change to the recipe, but we feel it is only best to extend Fleamont Potter’s legacy.”

“In addition to the reformulation and extension of Sleekeazy’s, we are also developing a line of products called Curleazy’s. Curleazy’s will be offered as a hair tonic, a daily shampoo, and a conditioner. It is a curse of womanhood to want what we don’t have. Now, every witch can have the best of both worlds. The shampoo and conditioner for Sleekeazy’s will be available in most wizarding retailers by next month, and we hope to launch Curleazy’s by the beginning of next year.”

When asked if there would be more lines added to the brand, Ms. Belvadere stated, “We have ideas for other lines, but we want to see how Curleazy’s does first. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction, and we want to make sure that we are meeting the standards our clientele have come to expect before we take on a new venture.”

“However, we are accepting applications for product testers as we finish tweaking the formulation of Curleazy’s. Interested parties must be aged sixteen or older with naturally straight hair. Participants will receive testers and instructions via owl post, along with a small compensation for their participation. Applications can be found in your local apothecary, and should be delivered to the brewery via owl no later than April fifth.”

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