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Six More Dead with Strange Magical Marking

Six More Dead and Authorities Bemused, Are Muggles Next?

As the uneasy fog drifted across London early this morning, news toiled in regarding the deaths of six more Witches and Wizards in Knockturn Alley.

The scene was evocative of the same black magic used days before Halloween late last year. Similar to the attack on October 26th, all victims were found with the same distinct dark mark branded into their skulls and their bodies nearly unidentifiable. (According to a source at St. Mungo’s, they have been working diligently to identify the bodies and will notify the families shortly.)

While there was a brief hiatus in the number of Dark Magic related arrests directly following the October carnage, this attack signifies a dreaded return of Dark Magic to the World.

As of yet, there is little known about the seemingly ceremonial deaths that continue to claim the lives of our fellow Witches and Wizards.

In an attempt to learn more, the Daily Prophet caught up with the Ministry of Magic for comment. We were simply told that an anonymous tip had arrived via owl approximately four hours after the victims’ deaths. No other information outside of this was provided.

Furthermore, when asked if the Ministry believed the deaths were related to the killings in Diagon Alley earlier this year, the Minister refused to comment.

An anonymous spectator who had surveyed the scene before it was cleared out, told The Prophet:

“I saw the bodies hanging from a wall, skinned and turned inside out. It looked like a horribly cruel way to die. Especially….. alive.” When asked, the witness grimly informed us that they knew the victims were alive during the skinning due to “The petrified look on their faces.” The witness explained that “Their mouths were wide open as if they had been screaming until the very moment of their deaths.”

The spectator also explained to The Daily Prophet what the symbol looked like and provided a rough illustration to the reporter on scene (see picture below).

At this point in time The Daily Prophet has no more information regarding the who, the what, the when, the where, or the why – but you can rest assured that as soon as we know, so will you.

The critical clue? The dark mark that continues to pervade the minds of those witness to the eviscerated bodies.

If you have any further information regarding the perpetrators of the dark mark pictured below, please contact The Daily Prophet immediately.

Follow us as this story unfolds. For more information on the October 26th attack, please read ‘NEW DARK MARK CLAIMS THE LIVES OF SIX.’

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