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Growing up Granger

Growing Up Granger

As I approach Flourish and Blotts, I am greeted by a line that emerges from door and reaches further down Diagon Alley, so far that I cannot see the end. Today marks the release of Mrs. Hermione Granger first book, “Growing Up Granger”. In her autobiography, Granger discusses what is was truly like to be a Muggle-Born student at the infamous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry. Among other topics is the truth behind her experience growing up with and learning with The Boy Who Lived.

I was given the opportunity to meet with the author and ask her a few questions about her best seller! Upon arrival in the shop, I was asked for my ID. I was promptly escorted to a room in the rear of the store. The blue wall paper of the small space made it feel homey and welcoming, there were a few fluffy velvet chairs. There were windows on almost every wall and the room was filled with warmth and natural light. There is a small table of assorted snacks from various shops in Diagon Alley. Mrs. Granger entered the space with an air of sophistication and we began what I can only call one of my most honest and hilarious interviews ever. The following is an excerpt from the memorable conversation.

Orion: “Mrs. Granger it’s so nice to finally meet you!” I stood to shake her hand.

Hermione Granger: “ You as well! Please sit.” She shook my hand with a kind smile and gestured for me to sit in the cushy red-velvet chair beside her.

Orion: “Thank you for agreeing so graciously to this interview! The Daily Prophet is more than thrilled to be getting this exclusive!”

Hermione Granger: “I wouldn’t want to speak with anyone else! Where would you like to begin?” She crossed one leg over the other and smiled attentively.

Orion: “Wonderful! To start, in your book you stated that being a Muggle-Born student was not as challenging as others have made it seem. What exactly did you mean by that?”

Hermione Granger: “While I was a student at Hogwarts, I had my negative experiences but I must say most of my school years were wonderful; full of adventure and friendship!” She had a wistful smile in her face as she reminisced about her school years. “I learned to hold my own against those who targeted me and after a while, they realized that I wasn’t letting them get to me. The naysayers thrive off of reactions. If you don’t give them one they leave you alone!”

Orion: “It sounds like you had quite the challenge! What was it like when you found out you were a Witch?”

Hermione Granger: “Oh, it was simply magical!” Granger winked and laughed a bit at her own joke. “My parents were rather confused at first but they were simply overjoyed once they had thought it over. Mum made sure to give me enough money so that I could go to Gringotts and trade it in. My father was quite shocked when I received my letter.”

Orion: “I can imagine! And what was it like growing up with Ron and Harry as friends? Your adventures are quite well known.”

Hermione Granger: “I guess your readers will just have to buy my book to find out!” Granger had a mischievous smile on her perfectly lined lips.

Orion: “I suppose so! Thank you for your time Mrs.Granger!” I stood and shook her hand again.

I was quickly escorted out of the room by a rather burly man. The large crowd in the shop had only grown in size since I had initially entered. It’s hard to tell who is more famous now; The Boy Who Lived or Hermione Granger? Tune in next time for the whole interview!

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