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Dark Discoveries In The Dark Forest

Hogwarts is abuzz with a student being brought in hysterical following a trip into the forbidden forest. The student, with two of his peers, ventured into the forest on a dare from older students. The afflicted student has been hysterical since his return and speaks only of the dark horses. His peers, who also entered the forest, have testified that they found a fence with large netting draped over it, but expressly stated that there was nothing there to scare them. The hysterical boy just began screaming and running back the way they’d come, as if he had seen something terrifying. The other two stated they saw nothing, but admitted they were worried about their friend so they quickly ran after him.

Now, two days after the return of the students, the hysterical boy has somewhat calmed and was able to describe the source of his fear. The Ministry of Magic was immediately contacted to interview the boy, as his story sparked fear in the hearts of school officials.

After further investigation, the remaining two boys were made to show the aurors exactly where the incident occurred. Upon arriving, the aurors were very concerned with what they found. While the boys still did not see anything, the aurors were not so fortunate.

It was discovered that a secret and contained breeding program for Thestrals had been set up, leaving far more questions than answers. The aurors feel assured that the creatures are being held captive and bred to raise money to aid the spread of mischief and dark magic by corrupting otherwise good wizards through bribery. If anyone has any information regarding this unlawful breeding program, they are urged to contact the Ministry of Magic immediately. More on this story as it develops.

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