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Heir of Slytherin To Start At Hogwarts This Year

In a recent discovery a modern-day Heir of Slytherin has been identified.

The once magical Seidel family, who has been in hiding from the wizarding world for the last three generations have identified their daughter, Colleen, as a pure blooded witch from the lineage of Salazar Slytherin.

To confirm the assertions we were able to catch up with Minister of Magic who substantiated in a very brief interview that in-fact, the Seidel families line contains a a direct link to one of the founders of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Assuming this is true, it would mean that Colleen’s attendance at the magical institution will make her the first actual Heir of Slytherin to attend in multiple centuries.

When we spoke to Colleen’s Mother directly she informed The Prophet

Colleen was always a very special child but until her 11th birthday we did not know she had any magical talents. Most of our family are squibs, even in light of our pure bloodline, and most of us have no affiliation with the magical world what so ever.

Upon further questioning, we asked Ms. Seidel how she knew her daughter was a witch

It’s rather interesting really, you see. On Colleen’s latest birthday she woke up at what must of been 12:01 on the dot and  had complained that she heard someone talking to themselves in a rather whispy and hissy voice.

Upon further inspection, she realized that what she was hearing was her brothers snake in the room over, next to hers. Imagine the surprise when she thought she had lost her mind and could talk to snakes.

While The Prophet has not gotten confirmation from either parties, it would stand to reason that the 11 year old Heir to Slytherin is also a Parseltongue based on the recollection of events provided by her mother.

For now, it is a mystery to the wizarding community what will become of Colleen during her first year at Hogwarts and what house The Sorting Hat will place her into, as well as how her peers will accept her.

For those of us who remember what happened the last time an Heir of Slytherin attended Hogwarts, we can only hope history does not repeat its self in some fashion or another.

We will continue to keep our readership informed as this story unfolds.

This story continues here….

Comments (80)

  • I started Hogwarts a year ago. I read all about what happened to Harry Potter! Let’s all hope the chamber of secrets does not open again! Well maybe there is a new monster? I would hope she’s in Gryffindor though! We could be good friends! She’s not the same as Tom Riddle!

  • It should be interesting to see how this year at Hogwarts will unfold can’t wait for the new term to start on September 1

  • Ok help me if there is more snakes in the chamber of seecrets im gonna be in the griffindor comonroom the whole tim un less some of my friends gets capured in there like ginny weasly. but im never gonna trust her i think she is up for the same as tom marvolo riddle

    • Possibly but I know her so maybe not I am in Slytherin and I recently found out she is my cousin so does that mean I am related so Salazar himself?!

    • Layla Potter (twin of harry potter)

      it would be sooooo funny if she turns out being hufflepuff slytherin would be humiliated

  • I can’t believe it! I am a muggleborn so I hope the same thing that happened with Tom Riddle doesn’t happen again! But I will be happy if she is sorted to Slytherin!

  • Well then, I do hope she’ll be sorted fairly and accepted by the house! I hope to meet her, as a Hufflepuff it may be unlikely for us to see each other often but it would be nice to have another friend in Slytherin! I hope others won’t tease her or hate her for her lineage, it would be such a bad year for the gal…

  • Anonymous Gryffindor (Alice Granger-Weasley)

    Started Hogwarts few months ago, I met Colleen, really good fellow! We’re friends now, best friends. If you’re wondering, I’m in Gryffindor, and I happen to be Parseltongue as well! I am related to Harry Potter, he’s my uncle!

  • I started Hogwarts also a year ago, I’m in Slytherin! Although, I’m the daughter of two Death Eaters, Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange. I’ve seen her around. I am, too, a Parseltongue. My cousin is Draco Malfoy.

  • Has the ministry spoken to the muggle prime minister and the muggle president about these attacks? Muggles can be endangered also, and them finding out about our lot.

  • Daniel Jacob Kanttowitz

    I am a muggleborn wizard who received a invitation letter from Ilvermorny when i was 11. I unlike your typical wizard who receives a invitation to a wizard school like ilvermorny lost my temper and ripped the letter before I could process it all. I still want to go to wizard school though. as Ilvermorny isn’t an option anymore, is there any way I could go to Hogwarts?

  • It’s a good job too. My parents were killed in the battle of Hogwarts. Voldemort killed them himself. My mother tried to stop him killing my father so he killed her.

  • I’m the Heir of Ravenclaw and no-one is prejuste about my heritige. I’m basically a celerity at hogwarts!

    Chloe Lovegod {daughter of Luna Lovegood / Heir of Ravenclaw} – 3rd year Ravenclaw

  • As the Heir of Ravenclaw, i’m trying to find out why the founders argued, causing Slytherin to leave the school. Maybe she knows something or she can help??

    Chloe Lovegod {daughter of Luna Lovegood / Heir of Ravenclaw} – 3rd year Ravenclaw

    • Wilhelmina Rabbajacke

      Actually I’m a Ravenclaw heir too (I hope we get to meet, I would love to talk!), I found out its because Slytherin wanted to be more er… selective about students to go to Hogwarts, precisely he only wanted to teach purebloods. Obviously the founders didn’t agree, so he left.

  • I am kind of wondering whether Luna Lovegood is related to Rowena ravenclaw. Luna married Newt Scamander’s great grandson or something, and I highly doubt that he is related to Raveclaw. Just wondering…

  • I am an heir of Slytherin. I have three pet basilisks. They’re my support animals and they’re blindfolded. I have five dragons, and lots more dangerous animals, but for some reason I have something special with animals so they don’t hurt anyone. They listen to me and follow all of my orders, and why would I use them for bad things. My dad wouldn’t use them for bad things either. He’s changed a lot since he was a child (my dad is Draco Malfoy). He’s not the one who got me the animals anyway, and him and my mom both know that I’m the heir of Slytherin! (Athena Malfoy, opened chamber of secrets first year, first year Slyfindor, Gryffindor and Slytherin combined, first year)

  • I have an idea. Everyone in Hogwarts and out, in the press and basically know she’s an heir, should take a mental pledge not to criticize and bug her if she’s not in Slytherin. She probably worrying her head off, poor girl, about being bullied if she is in anything other than Slytherin. I myself, am a first year in Hogwarts and I am in Gryffindor. I would very much like to be friends with her.

  • Grace (Hufflepuff)

    About a year ago I took a DNA Test for witches and wizards (I am a witch — half-blood) And I am a descendant of Helga Hufflepuff!

    ~Hufflepuff first year

  • Well we’ll have to keep an eye on her. We all know what happened last time the heir of Slytherin came to Hogwarts…

  • Wilhelmina Ravenclaw

    Oh dear! Well, that was a bit shocking for me but it would be good to meet another heir from a founder. There are heirs from many families from various houses, but not Slytherin. I won’t judge her though!

  • Casey Parker, Muggle-Born, Ministry of Magic, Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

    It’s likely, but I don’t think she will be. Her family and more importantly her mother, they seem too nice to raised her on the such hoity toity morals that most PB families raise their children on. I think that’s especially due to her family consisting of mostly squibs. I’m think something like Hufflepuff or maybe even Gryffindor.

  • i have a question for u guys. If you turn 11 in October and the term starts on the 1st of September, would still go to Hogwarts that year???

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