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Rita Skeeter at it again

Rita Skeeter at it Again

Our world isn’t as secret as we thought!

Ex-journalist Rita Skeeter is at it again spreading rumors where ever she goes. Expect this time we could be in danger!

Recently she has been discovered in the muggle world under a false name spreading magical information about us in ‘story’ books.

You might think that this is harmless but think again.

What happens when the curious minds of muggle children go wandering and they stumble upon our world!

Imagine the chaos!

Now, you might be wondering what exactly she is writing about? What else than the famous story of Harry Potter!

Skeeter has released seven books following Mr. Potter through his schooling years and his battles with Lord Voldemort.

These seven books leak much information about getting in our world and about magic.

Along with this Skeeter has also re-released some wizarding books. These books are Tales of Beetle the Bard, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. What a worrying matter this is!


Thankfully members of the Ministry are working hard to solve this trouble and are searching for Skeeter everywhere. Who knows if they will find her. After all, she is an Animagus.

More information will hopefully be coming to our ears soon.

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