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Rita Skeeter at it Again

Our world isn’t as secret as we thought!

Ex-journalist Rita Skeeter is at it again spreading rumors where ever she goes. Expect this time we could be in danger!

Recently she has been discovered in the muggle world under a false name spreading magical information about us in ‘story’ books.

You might think that this is harmless but think again.

What happens when the curious minds of muggle children go wandering and they stumble upon our world!

Imagine the chaos!

Now, you might be wondering what exactly she is writing about? What else than the famous story of Harry Potter!

Skeeter has released seven books following Mr. Potter through his schooling years and his battles with Lord Voldemort.

These seven books leak much information about getting in our world and about magic.

Along with this Skeeter has also re-released some wizarding books. These books are Tales of Beetle the Bard, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. What a worrying matter this is!


Thankfully members of the Ministry are working hard to solve this trouble and are searching for Skeeter everywhere. Who knows if they will find her. After all, she is an Animagus.

More information will hopefully be coming to our ears soon.

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  • Rose Granger-Weasley

    I’ve heard about that. I’ve read all the books written about our world and they are very detailed. It tells all our secrets and about everything that has happened with Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Voldemort and everything! This is very serious. Although there was this book called the cursed child which is very curious and strange I mean how does Rita know so much about him. It’s quite frightening. My mother said the ministry is handling it but i’m worried about Albus and my friends.

  • Oh my gosh! This is a very serious matter! I do hope that they catch Rita Skeeter. We can’t let Muggles find out about our world! I have read every single book that she published. It is very detailed about my dad’s life, his fights with Voldemort, and etcetera. I have read the Cursed Child too. It is strange. How can she know so much about our lives? I hope she stops this soon…

  • All of it is quite worrying. Now I do have a friend in Sheffield and she runs a shop there with novelty wizarding items and she told me last night that on a daily basis that so many muggles come into her shop. This is no doubt Skeeters doing. I’ve managed to get a hold of one of these books and the name Rita’s going by is Joanne Kathleen Rowling;
    Known better by her pen name, J. K. Rowling. Skeeter also managed to become famous by risking revealing our existence! I don’s even want to imagine what would happen if every muggle in existence knew about us.

  • Quite Ridiculous really, the books are extremely over-exaggerated too, I mean ME, the Draco Malfoy, is considered a bad character?!

  • this is unbelievable…i wish that they could catch her really fast because if our wizarding world is mixed up with the muggle world….nothing would be the same….

    but still thank you for letting us know about this..

  • I know this is crazy and to most terrible. Wizards and witches alike might think I am Not right, but imagine all of those happy muggles that got to be apart of this world because of Rita Skeeter. Don’t get me wrong I do not like her, but they feel like they are apart of it. And the books make them feel at home, away from there outside troubles. And they don’t need to feel discouraged or different.

    ( I am a relitive of the potters, please don’t ask questions. Its complicated.)

  • i cant believe how she could do that it is absolutely a disgrace for our whole wizarding world .
    I also have to say it is very terrifying how much she knows about my family and my dear friend Harry Potter i mean she wrote a whole series about me Harry and Ron . It is shocking.

  • omg! i have read all of the books she has written….they are very detailed im surprised that she knows so much about us….hope they catch her soon..

  • This is quite worrying. The muggle children next door to me are rather big fans of her works. Luckily, they believe it fictitious. Hopefully, another incident does not arise that would expose our world.

  • Harry potter pls read my comment (One portal to lucid dream opened and yif wizard gave magical book to me as a present,and looked at a book and very big it was written HOGWARTS then suddenly I teleported through book to the Hogwarts castle (outside castle) I was shocked,I was flying around this mysterious castle that was extremely big and gray colour ( it was designed with magical creatures and stuff like this) then entrance two boys battle with wands ( I could see orange colour light from their wands) after I entered first floor and one witch with extremely mysterious clothes and one tall young green eyes boys welcomed me to Hogwarts and they told me they need me to fight against evil forces,few days after very mysteriously I found Hogwartsishere and started to read all the courses,is like I know everything,yes it was my past life memory from when I was student in Hogwarts,now I am one Muggle born witch that is lost in Muggle world,I was cursed to not get my magical letter in this life time beacuse they were afraid of my power,now that castle book and Hogwarts itself invited me nobody is trying to help me to start my education and buy my wand ,I could not find leacky caldroun in London beacuse no wizard had a ball to tell me the truth..pls help me I stuck between Muggle world and wizardy world

    • Many of my muggel friends do NOT think it is fiction. They are going on a vacation to London, which you see is really bad. To make things even worse it said in to book how to get into the ministry. I believe they are plotting to go in and steel the ministers wand (Hermione’s wand).

  • I’ve read all of those books. First of all, The tales of Beedle the Bard was published by Hermione Granger Weasley. Second, the famous witch author, J.K. Rowling published the Harry Potter series because she wanted muggle children to have the joy of the thought of magic. I don’t know who released the other book though

  • Are yous saying that J.K Rowling is in fact Rita Sceeter? Because technically that would make sense…what do you guys think?????!

  • They cannot get rid of the Harry Potter books. I have many muggel friends and even the kids who have have not read the books know all about it. Also the books make Rita Skeeter sound really quiet bad.

  • I heard that Rita changed her name so that the Ministry of Magic wouldn’t find her. And, since I’m a tracking master, I found out that her name now is J.K Rowling. but the dangerous thing is that she invited muggles to pretend that they’re Harry, Ron, Hermione and everyone else! Even He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named! She got someone and used this thing called “photoshop” to remove that persons nose !! She’s more danderous than we thought, the Ministry should consider working harder and going undercover as muggles to ask people what they know!!!!!

  • When you put it into perspective, think of how much this breaches the International Statute of Secrecy. Rita was already supposed to be in Azkaban wasn’t she? THINK of how much trouble she’ll be in. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have to administer the Dementor’s Kiss on her (if that’s still a thing?).

    (Don’t ask how I’m related to the Wizarding world. I found this website, didn’t I?)
    (please don’t obliviate me)

  • Goodness! This is horrible! I just can’t stand it! Skeeter really should be put in Azkaban strait away! Such a disgrace, going off into the muggle world and writing nonsense books about us!

  • Signeus Firebrand, Gryffindor

    She will always spread rumors and lies. It wasn’t her job, it was just her. Nothing else needs to be said in my opinion.

  • OMG! what a cruel woman! She is a shame to all witches and wizards kind! In the books, she described me as short and PLUMP!! I am not bloody plump thank you very much! I keep very fit while taking care of 8 people in the house! And I see she changed her name to jl rowelkng.’; .ugh stupid muggle contraption won’t type properly! I meant: She changed her name to jk rowling and according to the pictures in the muggle magazines, she changed her appearance too! It was about time she glowed up herself! She has horrid blonde hair and a mole just like those muggle witches! But at least she isn’t here to annoy everyone into letting her write lies. UGH…..this muggle typing machine is turning off. I should tell Arthur to return this back to the bill gates man.

  • Izzy Friedman/Ravenclaw/Second Year/Not Dating Anyone

    I know most of you won’t agree but I am slightly happy about these books because I am muggle born and read them as a child, so when I got my Hogwarts letter, I already knew everything. Also, don’t worry, I have a lot of muggle friends who are huge fans of the books and they are all convinced it’s fiction. I myself thought it was fiction up until I got the letter. Once I got it, I told my parents and unfourtunately we had to get obliviators to get all my friends to forget all about me. so I do miss them, but I have great friends at Hogwarts now!(Lorcan and Lysander Lovegood are my closest friends).

  • I am pretty sure that this is no laughing matter she is a beast.
    Little trick for the Ministry; She can transfigurate into a beetle.
    Shes just a big liar.

  • Gosh, i will be SO MAD if muggles know about us! Hermione just should have SQUASHED Rita while she was trapped in that jar!!!!!!!!!!!

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