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Judgement Day Close For The Raglers?

It has been about seven months since the notorious group called the “Raglers” first struck the home of Mrs. Willis in Kent and robbed her at wand point. Since then, their reign of terror has steadily increased to a point that last week, the entire Cornell family were found unconscious (and in the case of Mr. Cornell, badly injured), in addition to being robbed. The Cornell family, who are currently in good health (though still shaken up about the incident) have voiced their concerns about the safety of their family and others, now that the Raglers have escalated their robberies to include attacking unarmed witches and wizards in their own homes.

For several months, the Magical Law Enforcement Officers has been working tirelessly to uncover the identities of this notorious four-man group, but their efforts have been unsuccessful thus far as the Raglers don’t seem to show any particular pattern while choosing their target houses. “But, now that they have started attacking the home owners, we have decided that the Auror Office take point in our hunt for the Raglers.”, says Peter Bones, Head of Magical Law Enforcement Office and nephew of the late Amelia Bones. (May her soul rest in peace)

The Auror Office has been tight-lipped about their plans to track and apprehend the notorious Raglers, but sources from within the Ministry have disclosed that a special Task Force has been created to bring down the group, headed by a veteran Auror who’s identity shall not be disclosed at the present time. “The Task Force is closing in on discovering the identities of the Raglers”, says an anonymous source in the Ministry, “and once they know who these four are, they will be hunted down and incarcerated in Azkaban.”.

Another anonymous source disclosed that the Head of the Auror Office, William Lovegood, has made this case a top priority. “He wants this win”, says the source, “as he is standing for re-election next month to extend his term in Office for another five years.”. As a result of this, the Aurors are working 24×7 and leaving no stone unturned in their hunt for the Raglers. The Ministry assures everyone that the Raglers will be apprehended shortly, but in the meantime, they have issued pamphlets on basic home defenses and advice everyone to keep their wands on their person at all times (particularly at night).

More on this story as it develops.

– Orion,
Ministry of Magic Affairs,
The Daily Prophet.

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