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How did Alan Rickman Die?

An Obituary for Severus Snape

By: Selevas Amagus

Alan Rickman, also known to the Wizarding World as Severus Snape has been said to have been battling with pancreatic cancer for the past few years - which ultimately claimed his life at the age of 69.

Rickman's signature sarcastic under-tones and sincere cynical reverence made him the obvious option to play the role of Snape.

While the accomplished actor has played many roles over the years and makes appearances in awarding winning movies like; Robin Hood, Sweeney Todd, and Quigley Down Under, to the Wizarding World he will always be Severous Snape, Potions Master and the Half Blood Prince.

Those lived on by Severous Snape noted that during his time of passing he was surrounded by his family and loved ones and at the precipice of death; a doe was seen in the outside window of his house.



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