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Fantasy Quidditch Sweeps the Nation

Fantasy Quidditch Sweep The Nation

A new trend is sweeping through the magical community. Well, the sports enthusiasts anyway!

The Daily Prophet has recently discovered an increasing number of participants in the new trend of Fantasy Quidditch.

This new fad is the brainchild of Terry Boot of the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Boot, a half-blood who still has ties to the muggle community developed the idea from the ever popular “Fantasy Leagues” of muggle sports such as basketball (much like quidditch but played on a wooden floor, with one goal on each end and played with only one ball) and football. American Muggles (no-maj in their terms) have fantasy leagues of their popular sports of baseball and football (not to be confused with British football which Americans call soccer.)

Fantasy Leagues seem pretty confusing at first, but after building your own team it’s simple enough. For those of you who are unfamiliar, here is how it works.

Fantasy Quidditch is a game in which participants assemble an imaginary team of real life players (called a draft) and score points based on those players’ actual statistical performance or their perceived contribution on the field of play.

After each performance the players are then awarded points. Points are then gained or deducted depending on a players’ performances. Point systems vary between games but typically, points are awarded for some or all of the following achievements:

  • Playing in a match (or part of a match e.g. at least 60 minutes)
  • Scoring a goal
  • Making an assist (the pass or touch leading to the goal)
  • Saving a penalty
  • Goalkeeper saves 3 shots or more
  • Win of the team

As well as the aforementioned above, points can be deducted for some or all of the following:

  • Conceding a goal (goalkeepers and defenders only)
  • Receiving a yellow or red card
  • Missing a penalty
  • Scoring an own goal
  • Getting substituted
  • Loss of the team

Most muggle fantasy leagues start at the beginning of each sporting season with signups and then a draft. Points then begin accruing after the first game or match of the season.

Boot stated “I joined a football fantasy league with a friend from primary school after much prodding, and I really enjoyed it. I haven’t followed many muggle sports, but still had a good time. Because of this I decided to make the pitch to my leaders at the Department of Magical Games and Sports and they went for it! We launched the league last year, but this year it has gained popularity and we believe that next year it will even bigger, especially as we plan on launching an international fantasy league.”

Full League regulations and rules can be obtained via owl post from The Department of Magical Games and Sports. A registration fee is required before your draft picks can be submitted and the participant at the end of the season will receive a monetary prize, which will vary based on the number of participants.

A live Draft event will be hosted at the Leaky Cauldron before the start of the next season. If you’re interested in joining a Fantasy Quidditch league we recommend attending the event.

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