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WK Quidditch in Ireland

WK Quidditch in Ireland

The Quidditch World Cup will be held in Ireland this year!

The final will be held at the Dublin Arena.

We asked a few people what they thought of it; “It’s great that such a big event is being held in Ireland! Me and my family will definitely be watching!” said Brannabas Boggers, an Irish supporter.

The countries that can participate are Ireland, England, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Russia, China, The United States, Australia, North Korea, Italy and Bulgaria!

We also did an interview with star player Victor Kruml of Bulgaria: “How do you feel about being able to participate in the Quidditch World Cup for the 2nd time in a row?”

“Well, quite nice, and of course we will try to make Ireland fat after the previous World Cup.”

“Sure! And do you also think you can beat star club Italy?”

“It worked last time too so why not? I know they’ve got a new viewfinder, Murtas, but I’m going to gobble it up!”

“Thanks for your time, Mr. Kruml!”

But this year Australia is participating and it has one of the best Guardians in the world.

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