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Godric Gryffindor’s Wand Identified, Another Elder Wand Exists

In a startling discovery almost two weeks ago now, the hidden study of Godric Gryffindor was accidentally stumbled upon by Kaitlyn Byers – a Hogwarts 4th year student. In addition to the hidden room being found, Ms. Byers also resurfaced what was believed at the time to be Godric Gryffindors Wand.

Since then, The Daily Prophet has had the opportunity to interview the Ministry of Magic’s Minister, Hermione Granger about the student who found the study, the development of the wand and other surrounding circumstances.

Selevas Amagus: Minister, thank you so much for taking the time out of your late afternoon to sit down with me. I’m sure you’re quite busy.

Minister of Magic: It is absolutely no problem at all Selevas. While the Ministry of Magic is incredibly busy, we always have the available time to sit down with The Daily Prophet.

Selevas Amagus: We do appreciate your ongoing collaboration with us to keep the world of magic informed regarding the circumstances as of late. It’s a pressing time for us all with the recent Demontor sightings, a dark mark and now the resurfacing of a wand that could very well be Godric Gryffindors.

Minister of Magic: Too true Selevas, too true.

Selevas Amagus: Minister, I’d like to start our interview off by asking one very important question that some of our readers have been dying to understand. Even as a Hogwarts student yourself, was there ever any mention of the secret room that has been recently discovered?

Minister of Magic: No…no there was not. After talking to the Headmaster and other professors it was clear to the ministry that this room had not been discovered previously. I had also never heard of there being such a room during my attendance at Hogwarts.

Selevas Amagus: The question beckons Minister, how did the student come to find herself in this room and is it truly the study of Godric Gryffindor?

Minister of Magic: A lot is still unknown at this point. To the Ministries understanding, this room can be transported to and from by way of teleportation through a suit of armor. What’s interesting is that the armor in the main hall brandishes the seal of Salazar Slytherin, and the armor in the private study brandishes the seal of Godric Gryffindor. A piece on the armor themselves have been identified as portkeys, which allow someone to travel between these two destinations. While we’re assuming the study is housed within Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry we do not have any hard facts to back up this claim.

*Selevas crosses his legs with his hand on his chin.

Selevas Amagus: Only a piece……Minister? Can you elaborate?

Minister of Magic: Absolutely. There seems to be etched writing on the back of each armor set. Initially unidentifiable, it is the same inscription as the box that was found. I believe it is pronounced “Nunc Quia Auferetur” and is of latin root.

Selevas Amagus: Away for now….correct?

Minister of Magic: Yes, that is correct Selevas.

Selevas Amagus: What do you make of these sets of armor, the inscriptions found, and the room that can only be traveled to through by means of a portkey?

Minister of Magic: At this point this Ministry is unsure what to make of it and just because it has taken the school decades to notice it, doesn’t mean that no one else has. It would be highly unlikely that no one has known about the study for all of these years.

Selevas Amagus: Minister, without trying to step on the brooms of the Ministry, how did your departments get involved. Isn’t this a school affair for Hogwarts?

Minister of Magic: In most cases, it would be. However, The Hogwarts headmaster notified the Ministry of Magic promptly after being unable to identify the origin or make of the wand that was found. It was very concerning to the school to house a magical item that can not be identified – especially given the history that their very own institution was home to multiple Horcrux’s.
 in the past century.

Selevas Amagus: I can see the cause for concern. So is that what the wand is then…..a Horcrux?

*The Minster let out a slight half smile and put her fingers to her chin

Minister of Magic: That is a wonderful question Selevas. Only the wand creator or Wizard who owned the wand would truly know that. We’ve only recently been able to identify what the wood and core type is.

Selevas Amagus: Oh? Well, that’s wonderful news then I would suspect.

*Selevas shuffles closer to the edge of his seat

 waiting for a much anticipated answer

Minister of Magic: The department would have to disagree with you, Selevas. The wood type was found to be Elder Wood and the core Thestral Tail-Hair. 

*The Minister of Magic looks down with a furrowed brow

 and sets her hands back on her knees

Selevas Amagus: Minister, what significance does this have?

*The Minister lets out a pensive sigh before raising her head

Minister of Magic: It means that The Elder Wand has a brother.

Selevas Amagus: As in thee Elder Wand? I have only heard tales but was under the impression that only one existed and it has since been destroyed.

Minister of Magic: And that Selevas seems to be the biggest concern of all. 

The Ministry has no idea what to make of this finding.

Unfortunately at this point the Minister of Magic had to adjourn our interview. Her office has agreed to be in contact with The Daily Prophet as the Ministry continues to learn more about the Elder Wand that was found and how there could be any possibility of the original having a brother. 

While much is left unanswered it is becoming increasingly clear to us at The Daily Prophet that as this development continues, more questions will arise than answers.

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