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Selevas Amagus - Owner of the Daily Prophet

Reimagined & Re-inked: A New Dawn for The Daily Prophet Readers

Good day, wizards and witches of our beloved magical community!

They say that a phoenix must burst into flames to be reborn from the ashes, fresher and more vibrant than ever. Today, while no actual phoenixes were harmed, I’m delighted to declare that your cherished Daily Prophet has undergone its own magical metamorphosis! We might not have felt the searing heat of Fawkes’s flames, but we sure did feel the passion and ardour of transformation.

Feast your eyes on our brand-new layout – an enchanted blend of the classic and contemporary, paying homage to our rich heritage while steering forward into the modern magical era. We’ve used a captivating concoction of quills, ink, and just a pinch of pixie dust to offer you a reading experience that promises to be as smooth as a freshly polished broomstick!

But a fresh coat of paint (or ink, as it were) is not all we’ve got to unveil.

We’re thrilled to introduce a cavalcade of brand-new columns and articles, tailored to enchant every magical mind. Whether you’re an earnest student of Hogwarts, a seasoned auror, or simply a wizard wanting to brush up on your knowledge of magical flora, we’ve got something for everyone.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve enhanced the magical properties of our paper. Give it a gentle tap with your wand, and watch articles come alive, with moving images and even snippets of sound, a touch inspired by our friends at the Quibbler.

We extend our warmest gratitude to our loyal readership – both old and young, from the heart of Diagon Alley to the farthest reaches of the magical world. Your trust and faith in the Daily Prophet have been the wind beneath our broomsticks. We hope this new look not only meets your expectations but exceeds them, magically so!

Fly high with us into this new era, and always remember: Knowledge, much like magic, has the power to illuminate the darkest of times. Here’s to many more mornings of sipping your favourite brew while flipping through the vibrant pages of your revamped Daily Prophet.

Cheers to the magic of new beginnings!


Selevas Amagus
Editor in Chief

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