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Dolores Umbridge Breaks Out of Azkaban

Dolores Umbridge Breaks Out of Azkaban

Dolores Jane Umbridge, who has once been hired for the position of High Inquisitor and then as Headmaster, has escaped from Azkaban, writes Wulfric Twain.

She was put there because of the use of Unforgivable Curses.

Ministry of Magic insider tells us, “There is no clue about how she escaped. When we got to know about that, we immediately put the security of Aurors all around the place. She has not been seen at all till now, however, we have let the dementors roam all around the places near the prison. We have also given the authority to kiss her if they need to.”

The Minister for Magic informs us that, “She was wandless to transfigure herself and we already have an anti-apparition jinx at the prison. So, this is the reason you don’t need to worry about it.”

Although the minister has said very encouraging words, in the end, this escape has caused mayhem equivalent to the one caused after the escape of Sirius Black.

As Umbridge was once at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, we have also interviewed some of the people who studied there in her presence.

“She deserved to be kissed by the dementors one day,” says Ronald Weasley presently working with his brother at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. “She was evil. She hated half-breeds. We along with some of our friends had started a secret society to learn defense against the dark arts as she only told us theory instead of practical study.”

“She really was bad,’” claims Dean Thomas. “She once attacked our care of magical creatures’ teacher just because he had giant blood and seemed really annoyed when a centaur was given the place of divination.”

“She removed Professor Trelawney,” says Parvati Patil, “who was our divination teacher. She could not banish her from the grounds as that power was with the headmaster that time.”

We still don’t know how she escaped and how she hasn’t been sighted. We have got knowledge that the ministry has also informed the muggle prime minister to put her on the wanted list of the muggles. Till she’s found we’ll have to wait for knowing how she’s done this thing.

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