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Tag: Time Turners

Time Turner Bandit Caught

Time Turners are indeed incredibly powerful artifacts and the Time Turner in question was made by an unauthorized Wizard who is currently being held on criminal charges. The original intent of its creation is not known at this time, as information and access to the maker has been restricted to anyone but Ministry Officials. The Auror Office has declined to comment further on the maker or his upcoming trial.

But the magical community can rest easily knowing that the bandit has been caught. Details are sparse at this time, but there are speculations that the thief had been caught after being splinched while attempting to use the time turner. It however was not evident as to what period of time they were attempting to visit.

“In early November the Ministry of Magic reported that an illegally made Time Turner had been stolen from the Department of Mysteries. Today we are pleased to announce that the perpetrator has been caught and is being detained in Azkaban Prison.” Reads a release from the Auror Office earlier today. “The thief was apprehended outside of the Barnton early this morning”

Anyone with any further details on this criminal act are asked to contact the Auror Office directly by owl.

More on this story as it develops.