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Articles by Ruby Jordan

More About Ruby Jordan- Author at the Daily Prophet

Amidst the bustling corridors of the Daily Prophet, Ruby Jordan’s articles sing a unique tune. Where other journalists focus on political intrigue, Quidditch scores, or the latest spell innovations, Ruby delves deep into the beating heart of the magical realm – its creatures.

Hailing from a family that traditionally served as caretakers for the magical creatures in the Forbidden Forest, Ruby’s childhood was marked by the delightful chirps of Bowtruckles, the serene luminescence of Mooncalves, and the occasional roar of a Thestral. To her, magic was never just about wands and spells; it was in the very creatures that roamed the land, swam the waters, and soared the skies.

At Hogwarts, under the warm hues of Hufflepuff’s banner, Ruby found herself constantly drawn to the school grounds and the Forbidden Forest, often assisting Rubeus Hagrid with his magical creatures class. Her ability to calm a Blast-Ended Skrewt and her unmatched knowledge of creature habits soon became legendary.

Her column, “Jordan’s Journeys”, in the Daily Prophet is a favorite amongst young and old. From heartwarming tales of Nifflers causing mischief in Muggle London to investigative pieces on the illegal dragon trade, Ruby’s articles are both informative and evocative.

Her home, aptly termed “Sanctuary Glade”, lies at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, where magical creatures, both common and rare, find a safe haven. Visitors often speak of its mystical aura, where time seems to slow and the world outside fades away, leaving only the magic of creatures.

Beyond her writings, Ruby Jordan is an active advocate for magical creature rights. Partnering with Newt Scamander’s foundation, she works relentlessly to ensure the safety, respect, and understanding of magical creatures within the wizarding community.

In her free hours, she conducts workshops and tours for young wizards, fostering a love and respect for magical creatures in the next generation.

To peruse a Ruby Jordan piece in the Daily Prophet is to be transported to the wild heart of the magical world, where every creature, be it beast, bird, or bug, spins its own enchanting tale.

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