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Quidditch Chaos

Quidditch has always been our communities past time, we all grew up playing in our neighborhoods, and we cheered on our house teams at school, but when does being a fan go from healthy to hazardous?
Security wizards were deployed in attempts to contain a brawl that broke out this weekend in the stands of a Puddlemere United match against the Holyhead Harpies.

The Harpies hosted Puddlemere for the first time in 20 years after yet another brawl ensued when a Puddlemere chaser disappeared in the middle of the match. The League has issued the following statement in reaction to the incident.

“We have tried to ensure the safety of the public by not allowing these two teams to face each other in competition for the last few decades. We see now that was likely the cause of such high tensions during this fateful match up. We regret the incident and will be increasing security at all further matches for the remainder of the season and if these two teams are to face each other again in the playoffs, the security will rival that of the world cup itself.”

The League declined to make further comment on the brawl, but here is what we know.

The match was slow to start, with zero fouls issued during the first hour of the game, but when a Puddlemere beater sent a bludger at the Harpies keeper when the quaffle was not in play near the goals, turmoil erupted in the stands. Several cross words were exchanged between these teams fans before someone from the Puddlemere side shoved a Harpies fan. The tussle became so severe that play was halted in the air and the referees ordered players to the ground until security was able to break up the fighting in the stands.

Bystanders with a birds eye view of the incident stated that it seemed to be a yelling match, but someone in the back of the Puddlemere queue lost their footing and fell into the person in front of them, causing several others to surge forward, the fan in front ultimately seeming to shove the Harpies fan. What transpired afterwards left several spectators with minor wounds, most of which were treated on site by the healers hired to oversee the players, only two spectators were transported to St. Mungo’s for treatment.

After play resumed Puddlemere was victorious over the Harpies with a final score of 550-210.

Quidditch Player Taken Into Custody for Cursing Muggleborn

English Team Quidditch player has been arrested for using the Imperius Curse on a Muggleborn wizard. Reginald Thornbush, a senior English Quidditch player who has played for the past several years has been accused of using the Unforgivable curse on the, as of now, unnamed Muggleborn wizard who has asked to be kept anonymous.

The incident occurred this past All Hallows Eve at the Leaky Cauldron, the gateway to Diagon Alley. The incident has been said to have taken place due to an argument between the two men. Reginald was witnessed attempting to curse the Muggleborn after their argument became heated. Several other witches and wizards became involved, with Reginald being restrained by the Incacasterus Spell until Aurors arrived.

Auror Bones was in charge of the arrest. “We arrived at approximately 10 past 7 pm at the Leaky Cauldron after reports had been flooed in about an incident that was occurring. We arrested Mr Thornbush after witness statements showed he was attempting to use the unforgivable curse on a fellow wizard. We take this matter very seriously and his trial will be taking place shortly.”

Any use of the unforgivable curses will send the user to Azkaban with no chance of parole. The three unforgivable curses are the Imperious Curse, which allows the caster full control over the cursed, unless the aforementioned cursed wizard is able to fight it off, a feat which many are not able. The Cruciatus Curse, the torture curse, of which there is no current abilities to fight off and the Killing Curse. Only one person has ever been documented to survive the Killing Curse.

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, is the only known survivor. There have been no other documented shield charms that can save the cursed nor any way to revive them.

When asked why the incident occurred, the anonymous wizard said “we were having a drink, we used to be good friends and I had put a bet on the upcoming England v Croatia game and just asked him how his practices were going. He flew into a rage, cursed me with the Imperius for some reason, I’m not sure what he would have made me do and I still can’t believe that he did it.”

Mr. Thornbush neglected to comment as he was taken away by Aurors.

Witnesses who were in the Leaky Cauldron at the time of the incident confirmed the anonymous wizard’s story. “They were just having a quiet chat in the back of the pub, they were laughing at the time and then all of a sudden the big guy got up and started shouting.”

While it does seem strange that the Imperius Curse was used in this incident, we can only assume that Mr. Thornbush was so enraged that he temporarily lost his mind.

More on this story as it unfolds.