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James and Lily Potter’s Proposal

Remus opened his eyes as pain rushed all over his body after the full moon was over. 

That was a bad one’ he thought to himself as he got to his feet. 

He looked around the shack for his friends who were nowhere to be found. 

After being thoroughly examined and fixed up by Madam Pomfrey he headed to his room to pack. After all, it was the last day he would ever spend at Hogwarts. 

He entered the room to see his friends packing all of their belongings as James has something Remus would refer to as a meltdown.

“What if something goes wrong and she says no!” He said in a high-pitched worried voice.

“Mate you’ve got to calm down.” Sirius tried but James brushed him off. 

“Remus! You’re back!” Peter exclaimed, trying to bring down the level of panic in the room. 

“Moony! Are you alright that we had to leave sooner than expected because the entire castle was up early today to pack?” James said, rushing to his friend’s side. 

“I’m alright just a bit sore. What are you guys yelling about so early in the morning?”. 

“He’s actually going to do it. He’s going to propose to Evans,” Sirius said, walking over to the rest of the boys. 

Remus couldn’t believe it. They had all made jokes about James proposing but he never actually thought he would do it. 

“Oh now I really know this is going to go wrong – Moony is speechless! He always knows what to say and he’s speechless!” James yelled, returning to the high-pitched tone as he threw himself on his bed. 

“Guys, come on, we have to pack faster if we want to eat before the train comes.” Peter pointed out. 

“Pete’s right, guys come on we have to pack faster,” Remus said in hopes of James’s freakout to take a pause.

As they continued to pack James mellowed out more as the subjects changed to lighter conversations. Conversations about what music they will listen to on the train or what neighborhoods they were thinking of getting a house in. 

“I like Godrics Hollow” James said, lifting his suitcase and setting it on the ground. 

“Why Godrics Hollow? It’s so peaceful there it almost makes you feel bad for pulling pranks” Sirius questioned as he set his bag with James’. 

“Well, it’s a nice place to live once I have a family”. Once that sentence left his mouth the panic visibly returned to his face. We could tell he was pushing back the moment that would change his life forever. 

Remus quickly changed the subject. “Let’s take our bags down so we can do something else until the train comes”. 

“You know what I’m going to do it!” James said as he walked out of the room.

“Does he mean right now?!” Peter asked.

 “I think so. Let’s go, there is no way we are missing the biggest moment in Prongs’ life!” Sirius announced as he ran out the door. 

‘Blimey’ Remus thought to himself as he ran after him with Peter following closely. As they entered the great hall they saw James jump onto the table in front of everyone but specifically in front of Lily. 

“Lily Evans, I have been in love with you since my second year and I will be in love with you until the day I die. I know we have only been together for a year, but I want to be with you forever. Lily, will you marry me?” he said, face red as ever as he pulled the ring out of his pocket. 

Lily jumped on the table in front of him smiling brighter than the sun. 

“Of course I’ll marry you, you idiot!” She said almost crying as she hugged him. 

“He did it!” Sirius yelled as he jumped up and down in excitement for his friends. 

‘He actually did it!’ Remus thought as he walked over to congratulate them. 

“I guess you can’t get rid of us now Lily” Peter laughed as he patted James on the back. 

“Well, I guess this means you’re kind of a marauder now” Sirius smirked. 

“In your dreams Black” She smiled back, not letting go of James’s hand.

Remus took a moment to take it all in, sketching the details into his memory of the last day at the place he had grown to call home. 

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