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All The Niffler Troubles

Niffler troubles!

A niffler breeder has had his entire stock of nifflers stolen. Graham Docksey had twenty-five nifflers in his forest near Somerset and when he woke up this morning they were all gone.

“They were stolen, I know they were, my anti-theft charms were taken down which is why they didn’t alert me.” He said. “I need them back! I was going to breed them next year, they’re almost endangered you know!”

Mr. Docksey is one of five registered magical creature experts who are allowed to breed magical creatures under the Ministry’s magical creature act 1768.

The act was put into place after the Hippogriff incident in 1767 which saw three improperly raised Hippogriffs trample an elderly witch in Leeds.

Junior Auror Rows has been put on the case. “It’s a sad thing that people just up and stole these creatures, without proper care and attention nifflers can become very mischievous so you better watch your shiny objects.”

Mr. Docksey believes the nifflers will be used by thieves as you “can’t get mad at the little fella’s.”

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