A Daily Potion for Witches and Wizards

Potions can be used for grand things like changing you into someone else (Polyjuice Potion)

What about those everyday needs?

Well I am here to give you everyday potions for the everyday magical life. Simple potions to tackle those everyday problems.

Now what does the slime of a snail, the dirt from a Mandrake, and a splash of butterbeer all have in common?

They make a stain on your favorite robe.

How to get rid of those pesky stains

  • 180 ml bouncing spider juice
  • 180ml horn of bicorn
  • 180ml dew from moondew
  • Mix ingredients till smooth
  • Dab on stain and rinse with water
  • Oculus Reparo!

Stain removed!

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