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Prank War Still Raging at Hogwarts

It seems the pranking is still in full swing as the school term continues, as this weekend hundreds of crickets were released inside of Hogwarts Castle. This is just the latest event in what seems to be an intrahouse prank war.

We previously reported that slinkies, a muggle toy that is basically a bendable spring that will walk down a flight of stairs on its own, were release throughout the castle. There was mass interruption that day when they were released as the slinkies in the stairwells disturbed the flow of students changing classes.

The current prank wasn’t as colorful or fun as the last. Instead this prank has lead to a multitude of issues. Crickets have been found hopping across tables in the dining hall, chirruping the in the stacks of the library keeping students from being able to concentrate during study sessions. Madam Pince has been seen chasing insects behind the main counter on several occasions.

Not only are these insects interrupting meal times and study sessions there was also an explosion in the potions classroom Monday morning when a cricket was placed in the cauldron of a 7th year Gryffindor who was taking advanced potion making. According to sources inside the school the dungeon that is the home of the potions classroom had to be evacuated and was uninhabitable for the remainder of the day as the acrid smell left from the explosion lingered.

School officials have been trying to determine the best course of action to eradicate the pests from the school, but so far nothing has been very effective. Madam Pomfrey, Hogwarts long time resident Nurse has voice several complaints about the crickets disturbing the rest of the students who are on her ward for magical care. “These students cannot properly heal without rest, and they cannot rest with all of the confounding noise these awful bugs make.”

But it isn’t just the sick and injured students not getting any rest, the crickets it seems has made it as far as Gryffindor Tower and have kept students up for several nights in a row. It seems as if our little pranksters ended up pranking themselves with the latest stunt.

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