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Quidditch Players Pitch In

Quidditch Players Pitch In

Ginny Weasley, long time quidditch player for the HolyHead Harpies has announced that the quidditch club will be donating the brooms that they have been flying on this season to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where the schools brooms are notoriously noted as “the worst brooms ever made” to quote one student who was asked to rate them during one of the students recent excursions into Hogsmeade Village. 

The school depends on its revenues from quidditch ticket sales, and merchandise bought during inter school championship games to replace the brooms that the school uses for all of their flying classes. But as commerce has seen a decline across the board in all areas, the school has had less and less funding available to purchase new brooms, or even pre-owned brooms.

While many students have their own brooms for their advance flying classes, and quidditch practices and games, there are still many students whose families rely on the brooms at the school. Several parents have submitted complaints for review to the school’s board of governors. Ginny Weasley sits on that board of directors with her husband, Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy is also on the board of governors and has pledged to match the value of the brooms that are donated to the school with a donation of his own.

While news of this story has already been in the rumor mill, many of the other clubs up and down the country have been looking for ways they can help the school’s flying and quidditch departments.The Wimborn Wasps have donated several sets of practice balls to the school, and The Chudley Cannons have stated that they will start to host a “Hogwarts Night” twice a season donating 15% of all ticket sales to the school.

If anyone else is interested in donating brooms, or funds to the school are encouraged to do so. Donations can be dropped off at any Quality Quidditch Supply locations, or sent directly to the school via owl post.

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