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Amortality is something which has never been alive, but has never died as well.


History of Amortality

A common trait of non-beings is amortality, known amortal non-beings include boggarts, dementors, and poltergeists. Depending on the specific type of amortal creature, wizards have invented several spells to cause these spirits to be forced to vacate the area.

Etymology of Amortality 

Derived from the Greek prefix “a-” meaning “not,” and the Latin word “mortalis” meaning “subject to death,” combined literally means “not subject to death.”

People Also Ask

Are Wizards in Harry Potter immortal?
How are dementors born?

Are Wizards in Harry Potter immortal?

Generally wizards in Harry Potter are not immortal, however there are a few exceptions. Immortal means they will live forever and never die. Some wizards, like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, split his soul into horcruxes so he would live forever. Other wizards like Nicolas Flamel, although not immortal, used the “Elixir of Life” to drastically extend their lives and could have potentially never died through magical means.

How are dementors born?

Exactly how dementors are born was never explicitly described in the Harry Potter series. However we do know that Dementors “breed” or multiply somehow under the right conditions. Dementors thrive under conditions like despair and degradation, an environment found in plenty while He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was in power. One trait of Dementors multiplying or breeding is the land is filled with despair and mists. In the absence of these deplorable conditions dementors cannot thrive or multiply.