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Augureys is known by some as the Irish Phoenix, a thin, sorrowful looking magical bird that looks similar to an underfed vulture, has greenish black feathers and a sharp beak.


Augureys History

The Augurey has origins in the Great Britain and Ireland areas, but has spread throughout Northern Europe. The cry of the Augurey was once thought to signal impending death, but the book Why I Didn’t Die When The Augurey Cried, by Gulliver Pokeby contains further research and concluded that it signals that rain is coming. The Quill of Acceptance was a magical quill, believed to come from an Augurey, but in general an Augurey feather is useless as a quill, due to the fact that Augurey feathers repel ink.

Augureys Etymology 

The word “augury” was a Roman practise of telling the future by studying the flight patterns of birds.