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A Bludger is A black, iron ball used in the game of Quidditch. Flies around the Quidditch pitch attempting to smash into players.


Bludgers History
Early bludgers were once known as “blooders” and were more simple than the bludgers of today. The first bludgers were bewitched rocks that would chase players, but the bats the beaters used would hit the rocks with such force that by the end of the game players were being chased around by gravel. After a few years, bludgers started to be produced that were made of lead. Lead balls turned out to be too soft as well, as the beater’s magically reinforced bats were able to dent it, which in turn caused the lead bludgers to lose the ability to fly straight. Current bludgers are made from iron. Agatha Chubb, an Ancient Wizarding Artefacts Researcher, discovered at least a dozen lead bludgers in peat bogs throughout Great Britain and Ireland,

Bludgers Etymology 

Likely derived from the word “bludgeon.”