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New Dark Mark Appears

Dark Mark Appears Once Again!

The furious battle between two of the greatest wizards in history ended with a closing script on the dark mark but has it appeared again?

“I was walking down by the road when I saw it. That weird looking snake in green… in the air” said the Sankel Snupet, a wizard who was walking down the Juniple Street in Hungary when he spotted a hooded figure casting something in the air.

Sankel got scared and ran away as soon as he witnessed this scene.

The incident was reported as a fraud, a hoax in the very least.

“That guy must be high on Firewhiskey, cause I never saw it” said another wizard who was closing his shop late in the night.

However, he claimed he saw a hooded figure in a distance, but it disappeared shortly afterwards.

Could it be another hoax?

A mere stunt of popularity?

Or could be a signal to another massacre?

If that’s the case, does this mean “He who must not be named” is still alive?

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