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Are death eaters still around

Are Death Eaters still around?

I’m here today to tell you about a shocking discovery I have made!

After reading an article from the Daily Prophet itself I have been investigating You-Know-Who’s followers [more commonly known as Death Eaters].

As six people have been found dead in Diagon Alley with a mark brandished upon them I have feared that maybe a couple of Death Eaters still linger among us pretending to be innocent.

As you know You-Know-Who was killed by my husband Harry Potter, but I remember that a few Death Eaters weren’t caught that I had seen present that very same day. You may know that the Malfoy family fled once they had collected their dearest son Draco. I do not suspect them, but I suspect some others.

He Who Must Not Be Named had hundreds maybe even thousands of followers, but few were caught.

We believe they may have sought revenge for their master’s demise! I do hope some of you find this piece of information interesting. I hope some of you after reading this feel the same as me about this matter.

Stay tuned for more information!

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