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Are Death Eaters still around?

I’m here today to tell you about a shocking discovery I have made!

After reading an article from the Daily Prophet itself I have been investigating You-Know-Who’s followers [more commonly known as Death Eaters].

As six people have been found dead in Diagon Alley with a mark brandished upon them I have feared that maybe a couple of Death Eaters still linger among us pretending to be innocent.

As you know You-Know-Who was killed by my husband Harry Potter, but I remember that a few Death Eaters weren’t caught that I had seen present that very same day. You may know that the Malfoy family fled once they had collected their dearest son Draco. I do not suspect them, but I suspect some others.

He Who Must Not Be Named had hundreds maybe even thousands of followers, but few were caught.

We believe they may have sought revenge for their master’s demise! I do hope some of you find this piece of information interesting. I hope some of you after reading this feel the same as me about this matter.

Stay tuned for more information!

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    I have been investigating a random turn of events in the United States of America, and I would love to learn more history of if any Illegal practices ever made it into the States of Colorado, and any other outlying cities of the United States for witch craft since Europe is more knowledgeable of things that are not taught here in the Salem Temples of witchcraft.

  • I have to report some illegal magic happening in the state of Tennessee. I have kept my magic under wraps but I’ve discovered some witches and wizards using magic around muggles. I have yet to learn the names of these witches and wizards. I am keeping a close eye on the criminals and will update on any new information.

  • I have found some suspicious activity in Godric’s Hollow, I see more and more every day, strange figures in black cloaks, some of them quietly muttering to each other, the only words I’ve been able to catch were things like “Potter”, and “Dark Lord”, and “Revenge”. I even had to take my wand out once, as one of them cornered me, pointed a wand at me, and demanded the whereabouts of Potter. My older sister saved me by stupefying him, and when he fell, his sleeve got caught on a short metal post and ripped, revealing the Dark Mark.

  • I remember this one time where I was home alone I heard knocking on the door and then it burst into flames and whoever did that immediately ran away. Luckly i was able to cast a protecting charm but I vagely saw what resembled a Death Mark. Ever since that day my wand never left my side, except of course when I’m around muggles, and never was alone at home ever again.

  • Jelky Headerlly Black

    I need to tell you guys something. I am form the Black family, as you can see from my name. I have taken their role of being Slytherins, as I am one of them too. In the common rooms I always hear about some dark things. Btw, I always try too stay away from that kind of thing because I don’t like that, but I have heard that in the Hogsmeade village is someone walking through the shades of houses always in the same time of night. In 2 am at night there is always seen a black man. Sometimes you can see a shadow of a black snake wandering around. I was digging deeper but I couldn’t find any animagus that is in the form of a black snake. I anyone can agree with me, please help me find out who this man or even a woman is. Stay safe people!

  • This is a fake article. There are no Death Eaters. And if there were, they wouldn’t be bad. I feel like everyone should worship the Dark Lord. He’s the way to go.

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