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Ministry of Magic Offers Relief Aid to Ukraine Refugees & Keys In On Bellum-Hex

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Ministry of Magic has agreed to work with local muggle factions known as the EU, UN and NATO to provide relief aid and assistance to Ukraine Refugees. 

Interestingly enough, in the past the Ministry has declined to work with non-magic based alliances, and has a “Non Interference” policy that it holds incredibly tightly to.

While the Minister would not make any direct commentary on the situation unfolding between Ukraine and Russia, she did state:

“War is a catastrophic event for anyone – and more so for those without a wand. We wish for a peaceful and expedient resolution for all parties involved.”

In addition, through sources who wish to remain anonymous at this time, it’s come to our understanding by way of owl that Vladimir Putin is being investigated by a special task force at the Ministry of Magic whose purpose aims to understand new and influential spells. 

Because of Putin’s swift action and denied requests for peace-treaties with Ukraine, The Ministry is seeking out alternative causes to his actions with one possible explanation being what is now called the “Bellum-Hex” – which translates to “War Hex’.

If there is indeed a Hex out there among us that causes an erratic need for establishing wars with other nations, it begs the question of who and what is the intended interest of the Witch or Wizard who casted the spell.

What’s even more concerning is that the Hex is hot on the heels of the COVID pandemic that non magic communities are still dealing with, begging the question – when will the Muggle world finally get the break they need to restore economic infrastructure?

While not much else is known at this time, the Ministry and The Prophet urge all readers to put a wand up for the lives of all muggles and their families who have been lost in this historical event.

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