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Author: The Daily Prophet

Are Death Eaters still around?

I’m here today to tell you about a shocking discovery I have made! After reading an article from the Daily Prophet itself I have been investigating You-Know-Who’s followers [more commonly known as Death Eaters]. As six people have been found dead in Diagon Alley with a mark brandished...

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Death Eaters Return

A shocking sight at the 567th British Quddich championship game. One hour into The Cuddle Cannon v Appleberry arrows match, with a score of 60 -20 to the cannons, panic and disarray bust from the away stands as several wizards or witches apparated into the stands. Ministry officials have launched...

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James and Lily Potter’s Proposal

Remus opened his eyes as pain rushed all over his body after the full moon was over.  ‘That was a bad one’ he thought to himself as he got to his feet.  He looked around the shack for his friends who were nowhere to be found.  After being thoroughly examined and fixed up by Madam Pomfrey he headed...

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Gryffindor Blanket

Get a Gryffindor House Blanket From Harry Potter Today! Looking for a Harry Potter Gryffindor Blanket to match your house colors? Then look no further! With this beautifully patterned authentic Warner Bro’s Gryffindor blanket, you can become a part of the action today!  Gryffindor Blanket...

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The Death Eaters Rebirth

The Death Eaters Rebirth SHARES ShareTweet By: Selevas Amagus Almost 22 years after the death of Voldemort, there was an anonymous tip collected, not even ten minutes ago, by the anonymous Owl Post here at The Daily Prophet. The post warns that a new Death Eater alliance...

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Wizard Magician Breaks Statute of Secrecy On Christmas Eve

Wizard Magician Breaks Statute of Secrecy on Christmas Eve SHARES ShareTweet By: Oswald Quiver Christmas Eve is a big day for the western world – for both Wizard, Witch and Muggle alike. This Christmas Eve a performer of the magical arts, also known as a “magician”...

Christmas Eve, Department of Magical Accidents, Statute of Secrecy

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