Post Owls Up For Adoption

The Department of Magical Communications Owl Post Division has announced that a large selection of Post Owls have officially been retired from their positions at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

As many as 40 birds have been selected for retirement from the schools owlery after careful examination from leading aviary experts within the Department of Care and Control of Magical Creatures. The Division of Owl Post has all of their Post owls screened yearly to ensure that they are kept in the best shape possible to ensure timely deliveries and for the basic welfare of the animals.

Typically when a Post Owl is retired they are given to shoppes where proprietors will often sell them for a small amount that is later given back to the Department of Communications. But this year, they have decided to do things a little differently. The owls that are being retired from Hogwarts will be placed up for adoption.

These adoptions will be free of charge to members of the magical community, but adoptees will be required to purchase a cage, at the time of adoption. A large selection of Owl treats, perches and other accessories will also be available for purchase. The Adoptions are set for the first weekend of March in Hogsmeade village and a large booth will be constructed in front of the post office. Volunteers will be available to discuss with you proper Owl care, nutrition and give additional information on the birds.

While they will officially be retiring from their service within the post these birds will still be able to make deliveries, or is highly recommended however that these birds not be used for large packages or long excursions deliveries.

We here at the Prophet will have a correspondent at the event, and look forward to meeting new Owl owners in march as you adopt your new feathered friends!


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