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The Death Eaters Rebirth

By: Selevas Amagus

Almost 22 years after the death of Voldemort, there was an anonymous tip collected, not even ten minutes ago, by the anonymous Owl Post here at The Daily Prophet. The post warns that a new Death Eater alliance may be uprising.

The post also contained information that Witches and Wizards who may be Death Eaters are using muggle-means of communication known as Facebook Groups. The group itself is private and contains self proclaimed Death Eaters, with a member total nearing nearly 60 or more individuals.

When The Daily Prophet had a chance to catch up with Faith Kerstetter, an authoritative figure in the group, we were told simply this:

Having a medium to express my beliefs in the Dark Arts, The Slytherin House and Being a Death Eater means a lot to me. Too long have we been in hiding and publicly renounced for our ideology.

Kersetter went on to say that there was a committee of Death Eaters being assembled in the near future to help promote their cause.

For now, not much other than the above is known, but it has left the world of magic with more questions than answers.

Why are Death Eaters assembling publicly and even more concerning, are they trying to bring back “He Who Must Not Be Named”?

More on this story as it develops. Our sources inside of the Death Eaters Rebirth group are keeping us apprised of any major changes or cautionary events.

Note: For anyone else who has information on this group, The Daily Prophet is offering a substantial reward. The group can be found below.

Death Eaters Rebirth – Facebook Group

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  • I am glad that the Death Eaters have reformed (If they have). Potter gave a sloppy fight and the Death Eaters merely want a fair chance and I think it should be given.

    • My father (Draco Malfoy) has been feeling tinges on his dark mark and is constantly on his phone. In my opinion, I have no idea what side to be on with my brother (Scorpius Malfoy) on the good and my father on the bad.

  • Ginny Elizabeth Granger

    I have joined it and I am reporting any suspicious information needed to the Ministry and Daily Prophet. I am not a death eater. ( I am basically being a spy like Severus Snape) I am a Ravenclaw and I am a fourth year. I think it is suspicious that the Death Eaters have reunited.

  • Ginny Elizabeth Granger-Weasley

    I grew up with my mom and dad(and aunt and uncle) explaining everything that happened during those dark days. To my mom and dad approval(and my aunt and uncle’s) I joined up to it to be a spy. So I would gladly report on here and to my mom(since she is the minister of magic) anything suspicious.
    I found one thing that was posted on December 31,2020. Remember that day was Voldemort’s birthday. It said “It’s The Dark Lord’s birthday!!! Happy New Years everyone.”. The replies were suspicious. These were the replies: Happy birthday dark lord may you rein forever.
    Dark Lord, May you stay dark and evil. Happy birthday!
    Greetings my Lord, the best and most powerful above all 🖤
    I would like to wish my lord all the best, especially killing that scarhead once again.
    happy birthday my dark lord, your wish is our command.
    And that were all the replies.
    P.S. I talk to my mom and she said it was ok that I told this stuff to you. She also said it was indeed suspicious that all this stuff was going on. We are going to have a family talk between my Uncle Harry, my Aunt Ginny, and my Grandfather and Grandmother Weasley.
    I will let you guys know anymore things that I have found out.

  • I am a Muggle-born and my infirmations that I know are a hundred percet real because they happened to me. He who must not be named tried to killl me and after I lied to him and said that I am a pure blood he invited me to be a Death Eater too and I obviously said no.

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