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Hogwarts Announces New Pet Policies

Our offices here at The Prophet were flooded with owls this morning when staff arrived to begin their day after an announcement was made by the Governors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The staff of Hogwarts and the Governors have apparently been working on expanding several school policies to be more inclusive, such as pet policies and dormitory assignments. The announcement sent to parents via owl post late yesterday afternoon stated there were several other policies updated and even some new policies that will be announced in the coming months after final adjustments have been made.

The owls we received from parents of Hogwarts students seem to have a common thought: that these policies will be more trouble than they are worth. Changing dormitory assignments is an easy adjustment as it is described by the Governors. Students will no longer stay in the same room their full seven years in the castle, but instead, there will be specific rooms for each grade level. Our source from the last Governors meeting stated the dorm rooms will offer different amenities than the standard dorm rooms’ four-poster beds and wardrobes.

Each dorm room will still have these basic items for each student, but as students progress through school, their personal storage space in the dormitories will be expanded. Bathrooms will also be larger and have more features for each ascending grade level. While we received a few complaints about the changes to the dorms, the main cord of discontent was in regards to the pet policy.

The official standard, when it came to pets in the castle, was that students would be allowed either a cat, an owl or a toad. Yet, many students ended up with more than one pet during their time at school, or with an animal that is not on the approved list, such as a ferret or a rat. Several of our staff members even stated that during their years at school, several students had dogs or exotic pets, such as snakes, lizards, and turtles. There were even reported cases of students having magical plants as pets in their dormitories.

These students were occasionally reprimanded, but during our investigations, it was discovered that cases of actual punishments were rarely ever filed within student disciplinary records. While the motivation behind the amendments to the pet policy have yet to be discovered, logic can be found in the frustration being displayed by many parents over the recent changes.

Per the official announcement, students will be allowed to have no more than 2 pets at the same time during their magical education. Students will have to send in a form registering their animals, and each animal will be required to have a tag, either on the animal itself or on the animal’s cage/tank. While dogs are still not on the official approved list of pets allowed in the castle, exotic pets have been given the all clear, as long as they are properly maintained. Free roaming animals, such as cats, will have to be spayed/neutered in order to stay in the castle. Students are discouraged from allowing their animals to venture out of the dormitory and common room areas.

It is suggested that identification cuffs are used for owls and other birds (a recent addition to the approved animals list) being kept as pets. Cats will need to have tags on their collars. All animals must be transported in cages, baskets, tanks or crates during arrival to and departure from school grounds, including breaks for Christmas and Easter holidays. Eeylops Owl Emporium of Diagon Alley and the Magical Menagerie have both already placed orders to aid students in the proper identification and care of their familiar companions and will have these items available for special pricing to all Hogwarts students before the start of the new term.  

Any student found to have a pet that has not been properly registered with the school, or an animal that is not on the approved list will face disciplinary action and possibly have their animal removed from the school. Have the Governors added to the workload of the schools administration and staff with these new policies? How do you feel that they will affect the school as a whole? We want to know! Send us your owls today!

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  • Great so now I have to explain that to my muggle parents that we need to go by strict rules now. Why???

    • Well some types of dragon actually could be allowed… Such as miniature dragons… You know that strange pet store that shrinks large pets down into smaller ones…

  • As a half blood(my parents are both half blood) I am going to bring my snowy owl Quiennet.
    My brother Analin may have a harder time with bringing his ginger cat Alderwal because Alderwall is mean! BTW I am in the same year as Ginny. Being a 3rd year is kinda hard.

    • Don’t worry, I share your opinion. You not alone! I have many friends who own dogs and it’s difficult for me to even step foot in their house!

  • So can I bring my badger HuffPuff? Lol I have three pets Blossom(Cat), Peanut(Weasel), and HuffPuff my Badger. I’m bringing HuffPuff and Blossom.

      • There are a lot of misconceptions about rabbits. They can be very sweet and gentle but any animal can have the potential of injuring you or another animal. Rabbits are prey animals and can lash out with aggression from fear or trying to protect their there territory. They need to be able to trust you to know that they aren’t being harmed.

      • There was this one bunny in Merlin’s memoirs from when King Arthur went looking for the Holy Grail, but according to Merlin that one had been cursed. I suggest having the bunny checked by an Auror before bringing it to school!

  • Warlock Mars Destructson

    I am going to take my trained Dragon and blindfolded Basilisk. The Basilisk’s name is Heart-Stopper. My Peruvian Vipertooth’s name is swift lightning.

    • CastChance Unique

      That is Probably the THE most Slytherin thing I have ever heard in my life. (No offence to Slytherins.) HEY-

      Hi, sorry about my twin, Slytherins.


    • Jesse Fitzgerald

      I agree, mainly due to the fact that I am a huge dog lover, so therefore they should be allowed. Furthermore rats (even domestic ones are more likely to carry deadly diseases.

  • Loxi-Anne Goldstein

    Hey!! You tell us that new pets are allowed, but where’s the list? I want to know which pets are allowed before I go in next year!

  • Seriously?! Dogs aren’t allowed but “ExOtIc PeTs” are! I was going to bring my dogs Ash and Willow. (They are Weimaraner’s.) They are highly trained and were super excited to come with me! Now I have to get a owl! No fair!

  • I don’t have an owl sadly, only a cockatiel. But I swear, he is super gently, and usually follows me around wherever I go. (Except if he’s sleeping, he loves sleeping too)
    He’s also very smart! Not only does he understand come, food, different rooms in the house and people and what more, he also knows how to play peek a boo!
    Though, he’s not strong enough to carry mail, so I might have to borrow someone else’s owl there…

    A last thing, what about bringing larger magical animals like dragons, or gryphons? If so, where would be a suitable and acceptable place to keep them? As, obviously they won’t fit in the common rooms eheheh…. -Asking for a friend

  • I guess if you ask the headmaster for permission and prove he’s well trained, maybe a few dogs could go. Mine is an emotional support animal.

  • Ok, really? Dogs not allowed is a riddikulus rule! Dogs can sometimes be unruly, but its ok if you train them..

  • What!? I have two dogs named Omen and Crow, and even though they are both nine feet tall they are nice and gentle!

  • I have a lot of pets, MingMong(unicorn) Omen(dog) Crow(dog) Periwinkle(ferret) Mako(weasel) Milky(albino rottweiler) Malikai(cobra) Meeda(python) Basil(dragon)

    • That isn’t actually all of them but that’s only a short list. I have a basilisk and stuff and more dragons (I have about five hundred dragons) and not to mention a few albino peacoks because my dad (draco malfoy) really likes those.

    • I’d have thought your father wouldn’t allow you to have a ferret because of what happened years ago— i was a year above him when I was at school— you said you have a basilisk and dragons, they’re illegal, and I could not possibly think that they’d make basilisks legal after- er… you know, your father probably told you all about it.

  • All of my pets are emotional support animals. People have always bullied me and I’ve been getting really down. Hey, will any of you guys be my friends? I mean, I know that some of my animals are scary and maybe dangerous but they are really well trained I promise you! None of my pets would hurt a fly! By the way, I’m taking my N.E.W.Ts and I’m only a first year!

    • Oh, that makes more sense as to why you have a basilisk and I’ll be a much older friend of yours— but, sure. And I’m very sorry about you being bullied. I didn’t know it was possible, know matter how smart you were to take N.E.W.Ts as a first year, but congratulations!!! May I ask what house are you in Ms. Malfoy?

  • i love owls yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CastChance Unique

    Well, I guess now I don’t have to choose between my cat Jerry (Named after the the mouse from a popular muggle TV series, Tom and Jerry) and my Snowy Owl, Abira.

  • Astoria Lupin-Black

    Regarding Dogs does that count Service dogs as not being allowed as I have Eplispy and have a Seizure Response Dog.

  • So we can bring scrawny rats, exotic animals but NO DOGS!?!?!?!? I HAVE TO BRING MY PETS! THEY ARE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS!!!!!!!! Toyo(Griffin) Poyo(Griffin) Seth(Snake) Niyo(Australian Shepherd*) Miyo(Australian Shepherd*) *Swallowed engorgement charmed cookies and are very large. Ashfeather(Hippogriff), Nonoyoko(Unicorn), Goldwish(Unicorn), Kill(Basilisk), Yuyami(winged ferret)

    • Oh, dont forget about, Togo, Muni, Fumio, Usagi, Nezumi, Takuto, Chie, Kame, Athelstan, Yukiko, Yugi, Himani, Ushi, Tameo, Notawe, Ugame, Shotanawa, Donia, Umanatake, Jononorukata, Kaunimia, Chonawa, Eyetewa, Howdana, Koonatei, Owyana and Chetayawei. Those are my dragons.

  • Marie Weasley\ 3rd year\ Gryffindor\ Gryffindor Chaser\ Currently single

    I’m just glad I can still bring my pet owl Zues

  • Oh my gosh! I wish I could bring my pet dog. Had to leave him at home. Miss him so much! Why can’t we bring dogs? This makes no sense!

  • Why the hell aren’t dogs allowed if bloody DRAGONS are?! That makes absolutely no sense. Still, at least I can bring a pet dragon to Hogwarts, I guess… Although I’m rather happy with my owl, Ginger, and I guess these new pet policies don’t really apply to her because they’ve always allowed owls. Do you think I ought to get a dragon? If so, can you train them so that it won’t eat my owl?

    • I do hope my pet Antipodean Opaleye Steamer will be allowed. She is very well trained. So obedient and gentle very friendly too. I’ll also definitely be bringing my black cat Dalamar or my two winged ferrets Merlin and Freya

      • Steamer is also not fully grown she’s just a baby dragon of course she will get bigger though. She is also just as useful as an owl she knows how to send letters and objects. For some reason her favorite things to carry are broom sticks, wands and stuffed animals.

  • I wish I could go to Hogwarts. I received my acceptance letter, but I’m a half-blood and my muggle born dad said he wanted me to get a proper education so I had the choice of living the life of a witch or the life of a muggle.

    • He doesn’t stop me from being in contact with the wizarding world (my world) so I do occasionally get to go to Diagon Alley and have lunch at The Leaky Cauldron. I also have been practicing spells. I guess you could say I’m being home schooled.

  • I do hope I can bring my Antipodean Opaleye her name is Seamer and she is very well trained. So obedient and gentle and very friendly. I will definitely be bringing my black cat Dalamar aswell.

  • I am curious to know how are the rabbit parents of the wizarding world supposed give their rabbits proper housing at Hogwarts. The cages in pet stores are to small for any breed of rabbit. Ex-pens and large dog kennel are recommended for housing. Domesticated rabbits are extremely social animals and that is the same for their wild counterparts, the Eurasian rabbit. A bonded pair of rabbit is the maximum of animals you can bring. Bonding rabbits is extremely complicated in itself after bonding them, rabbits cannot be separated, otherwise it could cause fighting amongst the pair. What if you have a group of rabbits that cannot be separated. Are there exceptions for the mental health, welfare, and safety of these animals? Tags are also an issue because you cannot put collars on rabbits. Collars can cause serious injury to them instead they need to be microchipped.

    If I were going to Hogwarts I would bring both my buns Marigold (spayed) and Bumblebee (only 3 month-not at the age for neuter, two more months to go)

  • Shraddha, Second Year Gryffindor

    I’m bringing my dog- a Beagle pup Mini.
    They mentioned dogs to be exotic, so I guess I can bring her
    I can’t live without her!!!

  • I hope I can bring my opossum, he is well trained and his name is Henry and I love him so much, and he is leash trained. I would also like to bring my beautiful badger.

  • I hope I can bring my opossum, he is well trained and his name is Henry and I love him so much, and he is leash trained. I would also like to bring my beautiful badger.

  • Since people are bringing dragons would it be okay if I brought my Augurey, since I don’t have a dragon or anything else. Also where is the list of these animals that we are allowed to bring. And why is dog’s not allowed I mean I don’t have any dogs I only have the normal stuff, Billywigs, Demiguise, Nundu, Zouwu, Bowtruckle, Augurey, Doxy, Erumpent, Graphorn, Fwooper (Beautiful creatures if you ask me), and more

  • If owls, cats, and toads are allowed at Hogwarts, why not dogs? Why is it that exotic animals are allowed, yet not sweet little puppies? How much harm could they possibly cause? Isn’t Hogwarts itself a home for hippogriffs, octopuses, mermaids, grindylows, thestrals, acromantulas, and centaurs? So, if Hogwarts can be a home for such animals, why not dogs? I would like to know what is wrong with bringing a cute pup to school with you.

  • Wysterriyah Ollivander (Ravenclaw 5th year)

    Wait, so, am I allowed to bring Caterpillar, my six-legged cat, or not? I also need to have my miniature dragons, Toil & Trouble around me at all times, they help defend me and direct me around, as I am blind.

  • Ron could bring his rat when Hogwarts said only owls, toads, and cats, so maybe you can sneak your dog in (That’s what i’m doing)

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