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Halloween invites Six More ritualistic Killings & the Deathly Hallows

By: Selevas Amagus

As families sat around their fireplace’s drinking butterbeer and eating treacle tarts this Halloween, The Prophet received owl that another mass ritualistic murder took place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this holiday.

Yet again, the bodies of six Wizards and Witches were found arranged just outside the main hallway entrance in a hexagonal pattern. For those of us who have not forgotten the scene was reminiscent of last years Halloween murders which can be read about here.

Reports tell The Prophet that the site was so gruesome a cloaking charm was placed on the entire room to prevent Hogwarts’s students and authorities from the detestable acts preformed.

The new Dark Mark that has been reported twice before, was again etched into the back of the skulls of all six victims. Each body had also been strung to the next one by means of rope, where-in an individual’s neck was bound to the ankles of the next persons body.

In the center of the pattern the familiar mark was found (pictured below), drawn in blood and overlaid with what seemed to be bone fragments and hair follicles from humans. 

When The Prophet had the chance to speak with Headmistress McGonagall we were informed that the site of the murders were stumbled upon by multiple students. The Ministry of Magic has since noted that the memories of the children have since been Obliviated with no further examination to prevent any remains of memory in their mind.

The assailants are unknown at this point in time but the murders are suspected to have taken place at 3:33am in the morning. At this point in time it is unclear how Hogwarts was forayed into as the school is and has always been protected by incredibly strong spells and charms.

Just today however, a package was delivered to The Prophet anonymously with a single parchment inside of it.

On the parchment two symbols resided next to each other, one being that of the new dark mark appearing every Halloween, and the other, more notable The Deathly Hallows (pictured below).


As The Prophet’s lead team of editors studied the parcel presented to our offices it became increasingly aware that the “New Dark Mark” is a geometrical obscurity of The Deathly Hallows – but to what avail?

For now The Ministry of Magic has released a word of caution that all those in the Wizarding Community be cautious around Halloween Holidays. 

If any of our readers have any further information, theories or ideologies we welcome your input!

Comments (43)

  • Woah. I can’t believe the Dark Mark is also known as the mashed up Deathly Hallows Mark! I thought the Master of Death and his companions killed You-Know-Who!

    • Well, Harry’s the Master of Death because he accepted his death fate. That’s how revived after ‘dying’ from Voldemort’s killing curse.

  • There’s a girl in my house who stumbled upon the scene. We spent hours trying to calm her down. It’s a relief her memories were obliterated, I don’t think she could’ve coped with the memory of it.

    • That’s terrible I hope she’s ok now. Apparently one of the first years found the scene and I think he fainted and was thought to be one of the dead bodies until my friend saw him and carried him back to bed.

  • piper granger-weasley

    There’s no way that could be true; Harry Potter destroyed the Elder Wand, and unless You-Know-Who is rising again. . . but Hogwarts is by far the safest place in the Wizarding world. It must mean that some of the other Death Eaters are getting revenge!

    • piper granger-weasley

      That is very true, but many years state that it is well protected. It’s bizarre that there have been so many murders around that place.

  • If you look carefully at the symbol in comparison to the deathly hallows symbol in it the resurrection stone is inverted which could represent death, and the invisibility cloak is opened up which could represent revealing something, and the elder wand is extended which could represent power, meaning the mark roughly translates as revealing power over death, which is really dark as it essentially means they have the power to kill.

    • By the way, the reason why I was able to decode that was because I have precognitive dreams, and as you know, that ability often comes wit the skill to interpret them and other things involving symbolism. There is just one problem being that my magical abilities are suppressed by unknown means and have been since I was an infant, (The reason I didn’t develop an obscurus being that I love magic,) Which brings up the question, who would want to suppress my magical abilities and why. Also I did actually receive an Ilvermorny letter when I was 11 (I’m from America,) but due to me not understanding that I had magical abilities at the time, (Remember my magic was suppressed so I had not learned about my magic,) and me losing my temper about the color of the handwriting, basically the letter and the one chance I had of restoring my magical abilities was ripped in two. So the question is: Is there any way I can get a replacement Ilvermorny letter? It’s been 6 years and I only just remembered receiving it last April and have been trying to figure out how to contact Agilbert Fontaine ever since.

  • It’s only my second year at Hogwarts! I can’t believe it, I hope my friends Cyril and Celia(they’re twins) are alright… I had to go home because of my brother(he has terrible dragon pox and is very horrid that he needs to stay at St Mungo’s for 10 days! usually would be cured but he won’t tell us how he got it) and received the prophet late! I hope everyone’s safe especially my best friends!

    • Im a third year Ravenclaw. Dw about your Friends. When i saw your comment i made sure they were ok. Cyril saw the body’s but her memory has been obliviated. They are both safe. Hope your brother gets better soon

      Chloe Lovegod {daughter of Luna Lovegood} – 3rd year Ravenclaw

  • is there any information about who died in this event ?
    the names of the victims
    as to me there is no one safe at this moment

  • I’m a second year Ravenclaw and I had a dream about the new dark mark and I saw this shadow rising from it with people around it, I dont know what this means

  • All my children go to Hogwarts and I am very scared for them so please increase the security or I will educate them at home.

    • There might be a possibility that its a student. They could be possessed by something, like you were by that diary so they dont know what they are doing. you should see if your children have had blank periods, i haven’t

      Chloe Lovegod {daughter of Luna Lovegood} – 3rd year Ravenclaw

    • Relax, mum. If you really want that, then fine. But calm down until summer, please. every time I’m with severus or lily I’ll watch over them. And I’ll ask the weasley kids to watch over them as well. Happy?

  • my moms freaked out from the battle of hogwarts and now she thinks theres an other dark lord rising , I can’t belive it myself but please do tell me were the victims children under 14 ? I would really like to know becuse if you know what kind of people their targeting and the pattern of their crimes you could save thier next victims

  • Could this new symbol be a person’s signature? A language? A code? This is making my head spin. Daniel K. has a pretty good lead, I think. Maybe there is someone or something that is more dangerous that Voldemort. If it happened in the school then it could be a teacher(s) or even a student! Who knows! It seems that hogwarts has a weak spot in the all the layers of charms and spells protecting it. If that’s the case then no ones is safe there. Good luck cracking the case!

  • the symbol is so confusing……It is possible that the dark lord has returned. Or maybe its the death eaters. I hope we figure out who is behind this soon. I feel so bad for the people that died in the attacks. stay safe everyone!

  • Is it weird that I remember stumbling across bodies with other students, but yet I don’t remember it at the same time? I asked my family and friends about it but they just went all quiet and freaky. Can someone explain to me why I am feeling like this? The Daily Prophet usually makes me feel better, but it has made me feel worse in fact! I know about what happened, but I don’t as well. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Or is there something I am missing?

  • Are the bodies students at Hogwarts? If there not who are they. Are they muggles? Why are they bringing the bodies to Hogwarts? Are they trying to scare people, in something that is not important. Don’t get me wrong people dying are totally important but are the bodies coming to Hogwarts a message, or a warning, or just something or someone trying to scare people. What if it is just a bit of a cold war. Again of course people dying is a severe problem, but is Hogwarts actually being threatened? What if it is just a fake threat or something to make people who are scared and anxious go through un necessary terms, such as sending students home, where (no offensive to parents) is pretty vulnerable.

  • Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy

    Wow! I wonder who it might be! Hogwarts must not be safe but mother ad father make me go there because father went there. Did I mention father is a deatheater? Has the chamber been opened again? If so I do want to help the heir…😏

    • Watch. It. Scorpius. Your father AND grandfather are both horrible men. Lucious is in bloody AZKABAN for what he did. Don’t you go down that path. P.S. If you do, you can bet I will be the first to react. I have warned you.

    • Scorpuis! What has gotten into you! Dad WAS a death eater he isn’t anymore. And if you do anything so help me Merlin you won’t be able to move for a year!

  • Talar Gabriella Asdourian

    Its been bad. Us older Gryffindor students have had to escort the younger kids to classes nowadays since they’ve been so scared. Im worried myself. I transferred from Ilvermorny and we didnt have stuff like this happen, and my parents who are Mugler have even found out, it took so much convincing to let me stay at Hogwarts! Im hoping we can find who did this because I dont want us to experience yet another Wizarding War

  • Though this is very interesting, I find it hard to believe that Hogwarts is still open. I would also like to ask if the bodies were the corpses of children, or if they were adults.

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