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Halloween Killings

Halloween Invites Six More Ritualistic Killings & The Deathly Hallows

As families sat around their fireplace’s drinking butterbeer and eating treacle tarts this Halloween, The Prophet received owl that another mass ritualistic murder took place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this holiday.

Yet again, the bodies of six Wizards and Witches were found arranged just outside the main hallway entrance in a hexagonal pattern. For those of us who have not forgotten the scene was reminiscent of last years Halloween murders which can be read about here.

Reports tell The Prophet that the site was so gruesome a cloaking charm was placed on the entire room to prevent Hogwarts’s students and authorities from the detestable acts preformed.

The new Dark Mark that has been reported twice before, was again etched into the back of the skulls of all six victims. Each body had also been strung to the next one by means of rope, where-in an individual’s neck was bound to the ankles of the next persons body.

In the center of the pattern the familiar mark was found (pictured below), drawn in blood and overlaid with what seemed to be bone fragments and hair follicles from humans. 

When The Prophet had the chance to speak with Headmistress McGonagall we were informed that the site of the murders were stumbled upon by multiple students. The Ministry of Magic has since noted that the memories of the children have since been Obliviated with no further examination to prevent any remains of memory in their mind.

The assailants are unknown at this point in time but the murders are suspected to have taken place at 3:33am in the morning. At this point in time it is unclear how Hogwarts was forayed into as the school is and has always been protected by incredibly strong spells and charms.

Just today however, a package was delivered to The Prophet anonymously with a single parchment inside of it.

On the parchment two symbols resided next to each other, one being that of the new dark mark appearing every Halloween, and the other, more notable The Deathly Hallows (pictured below).

As The Prophet’s lead team of editors studied the parcel presented to our offices it became increasingly aware that the “New Dark Mark” is a geometrical obscurity of The Deathly Hallows – but to what avail?

For now The Ministry of Magic has released a word of caution that all those in the Wizarding Community be cautious around Halloween Holidays.

If any of our readers have any further information, theories or ideologies we welcome your input!

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