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Inquisitorial Squad

Inquisitorial Squad is a group of students in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that operated under the authority of Dolores Umbridge during her tenure as High Inquisitor and, later, as Headmistress.

in·quis·i·to·ri·al squad
/ɪnˌkwɪzɪˈtɔriəl skwɑd/

Overview of the Inquisitorial Squad

Purpose: The Inquisitorial Squad was given authority by Umbridge to police the students and faculty of Hogwarts and ensure they adhered to the Ministry of Magic’s (and by extension, Umbridge’s) rules.
Privileges: Members of the squad were granted extra privileges, including the power to dock House points and the ability to move more freely around the school.
Members: The squad was primarily made up of students from Slytherin House, including Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson, and others.
Legacy: Their presence and actions caused a significant amount of tension within Hogwarts, particularly with students who opposed Umbridge’s draconian measures. The Inquisitorial Squad’s power diminished after Umbridge was expelled from Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore returned as Headmaster.
Inquisitorial Squad in the “Harry Potter” Series

The Inquisitorial Squad played a pivotal role in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, functioning as Dolores Umbridge’s enforcers during her reign over Hogwarts. They were often seen patrolling the corridors and searching for rule-breakers or members of Dumbledore’s Army. Their favoritism and abuse of power were apparent to many students and faculty members.

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Why was the Inquisitorial Squad formed?
What happened to the Inquisitorial Squad after Umbridge left?
How was the Inquisitorial Squad received by other students?

Why was the Inquisitorial Squad formed?

The Inquisitorial Squad was formed by Dolores Umbridge to help her maintain control over Hogwarts. With the Ministry of Magic fearing Dumbledore’s potential power, they wanted to suppress any dissent or opposition to their rules within the school. The squad acted as Umbridge’s eyes and ears, helping her assert dominance.

What happened to the Inquisitorial Squad after Umbridge left?

Once Umbridge was removed from her position and Dumbledore returned as Headmaster, the Inquisitorial Squad was disbanded, and its members no longer held special privileges. The events during and after the battle at the Ministry of Magic led to significant changes in the school’s governance.

How was the Inquisitorial Squad received by other students?

The majority of students at Hogwarts viewed the Inquisitorial Squad negatively. Their abuse of power and blatant favoritism, especially towards Slytherin House, earned them the disdain of many. They were especially unpopular among members of Dumbledore’s Army and other students who opposed Umbridge’s rule.