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Doxy is a small creature, oftentimes mistaken for a fairy, and sometimes referred to as a Biting Fairy.


Doxy History

The doxy is a venomous creature whose venom is highly poisonous. Doxies have coarse black hair, beetle-like wings that shine, and a double row of sharp teeth. Doxies can generally be found in colder climates, as such are normally found in North America and Northern Europe. Doxies bury their eggs beneath the ground and lay up to five hundred eggs at once. Eggs take between two and three weeks to hatch. Known as pests, Doxycide can be purchased in order to remove an infestation, though some household prefer to use the Knockback Jinx, from which doxies are vunerable. Doxy venom is a primary component to Skiving Snackboxes, sold at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.

Doxy Etymology

Derived from the German docke, meaning doll.