Divination is the branch of magic in which the wizard tries to foresee the future, or gain insight into events, whether they be past, present, or future. Many have found the practice to be inexact, though some humans have a rare natural gift for prophecy and are labeled as seers. Centaurs have their own way of of divining the future which they practice by looking to the stars. to observe the movements of celestial bodies, such as the planets, moons, and stars. Centaur divination has been practiced for centuries, and due to the nature of how it is done, sometimes it can take a decade to understand the signs in the stars.


Divination History

One of the oldest methods of divination (by humans) are the Chinese Fortune Sticks, also known as kau cim. There are many other methods of divination as well, which use differing techniques to predict the future. Astrology (observing celestial bodies), Numerology (studying numbers to predict the future), Cartomancy (tarot cards), Catoptromancy (looking into mirrors), Chinese Fortune Sticks (wood sticks telling the fortune of the day), Crystal-gazing (crystal ball), Dream interpretation (analysis of the meaning of dreams), Fire-omens (observation of flames), Heptomology (related to the number 7), Ichthyomancy (involving fish), Myomancy (involves mice and rats), Palmistry (palm-reading), Ornithomancy (related to birds), Ovomancy (cracking open eggs, and observing how the yolk falls), Tessomancy (reading tea leaves), and Xylomancy (involving twigs).

People Also Ask

What are the known methods of divination?

What are the known methods of divination?

The known methods of divination include:

  • Astrology
  • Cartomancy
  • Catoptromancy
  • Chinese Fortune Sticks
  • Crystal Gazing
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Fire Omens
  • Heptomology
  • Ichthyomancy
  • Myomancy
  • Numerology
  • Ornithomancy
  • Ovomancy
  • Palmistry
  • Tessomancy
  • Xylomancy

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