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Harry Potter Wands – Top Ten Places To Buy From

Looking for Harry Potter Wands from the Wizarding World? Then look no further!

Since not all of us can make it to Ollivanders, The Daily Prophet has taken the time out to look for the top ten places to obtain your wands from for  the Harry Potter franchise!

It’s important to note that because being a Wizard or Witch is such a serious endeavour, we have rated our Harry Potter wand selection from most authentic to least – because let’s face it, if you want your wand to have dragon heart string, it’s going to cost you a few galleons.

#1 Place To Buy Harry Potter Wands

Platform 9 & 3/4

We searched every corner of the world to find you the best place to buy Harry Potter wands from, and it wasn’t easy.

Being a Wizarding paper with a reputation to uphold, we had our editorial staff hit the streets of Diagon Alley and other various locations to make sure that our recommendations were above reproach!

What our staff found was that the most authentically available and well priced Harry Potter Wands come from none other than Platform 9 and 3/4.

Real wood resin can be found inside of these wands and they come encased in a box directly from Ollivander’s Wands.

They earned a 5/5 Star Rating From The Daily Prophet!