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A Beast is one of the three categories used in classifying the magical creatures that reside in the wizarding world. By definition, a beast has insufficient intelligence to comprehend the governing laws of the magical community, and is not included in the formation of those laws. Two notable exceptions to the definition are Centaurs and Merpeople, both species requested reclassification from “Being” status to “Beast” status.


Beasts History

The current definition of a beast was put in place by Minister for Magic Grogan Stump in 1811 when Minister Stump created the three classifications of magical creatures. Within the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, the Beast Division was formed to deal with creatures classified as beasts. The creatures which are currently classified as beasts, but do not technically fit the definition are the centaurs and the merpeople, the members of these groups have chosen to classify their species as “beasts” as opposed to “beings”, as they disapproved of being classified as “beings” due to the other members classified as such generally being regarded as dark creatures. Other creatures that could have qualified for “being” status include Acromantulas, Erklings, Manticores, and the Sphinx, however, due to these creatures attempting to consume anyone near them, shoot darts at people and attempt to eat children, are vicious and bloodthirsty, and become deadly when that which they guard becomes threatened or someone gives an incorrect response to their puzzles or riddles respectively, they were all classified under the beast category. Werewolves are classified as “beasts” whilst under transformation, but are otherwise considered “beings” like any other human the rest of the time. Extremists exist which campaign for Muggles to be reclassified as “beasts.”