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Dear Daphne

Dear Daphne – Pesky Poltergeist Problems

Dear Distraught Dormitory Denizen,

Ah, Peeves! Hogwarts’ very own emblem of chaos. A slumber party is usually a delightful mix of giggles, whispered secrets, and occasional magical mischief – but toss Peeves into the cauldron, and you’re bound to have a bubbling brew of bedlam. Here’s some advice to keep your daughter’s slumber soirée spectrally serene.

1. The Filch Factor:
It’s widely known that Peeves has a certain… shall we say, respect (or is it fear?) for Mr. Filch. Perhaps a life-sized cut-out or an illusion charm recreating Mr. Filch’s likeness could be strategically placed as a deterrent.

2. Distract with a Decoy:
Poltergeists love mischief. Set up a separate area (far from the slumber party) filled with shiny, noisy, or bouncy magical items. A simple diversion charm can send Peeves on a gleeful rampage away from the festivities.

3. The Baron’s Blessing:
It might be helpful to seek assistance from the Bloody Baron, the only ghost Peeves truly answers to. While he may be a tad morose, a little favor or act of kindness might convince him to keep Peeves at bay for the night.

4. A Musical Maneuver:
Poltergeists despise certain frequencies. Consider playing some soft, harmonious tunes (like the lullabies of Fwooper birds) in the background. It’s a win-win: Peeves stays away, and the girls get some enchanting background music.

5. Sweeten the Deal:
Peeves, like many of us, can’t resist treats. Prepare a small stash of sugar quills or enchanted candies. When he appears, offer them as a peace treaty in exchange for a quiet night.

6. Potion of Poltergeist Prevention:
While not commonly found, there are certain potions known to deter pesky spirits. A visit to an apothecary or a word with Professor Slughorn might yield a solution.

Finally, do remind the young witches to avoid challenging or antagonizing Peeves. He’s known to up the ante when provoked. Here’s hoping for a peaceful, Peeves-free night for your daughter and her magical mates!

May your evening be filled with dreams and devoid of disruptions!

With spectral sympathy,

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