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Dear Daphne

Dear Daphne – Bewitched Broom Woes

Dear Possibly-Wonky Witch,

Firstly, let’s not jump to conclusions! Just because your Cleansweep Eleven has a touch of the waywards doesn’t necessarily mean your witchy skills are askew. Over the years, I’ve had my share of broomstick blunders, and here are a few possible explanations for your left-leaning woes:

1. A Quirky Quill:
Sometimes, a single quill in a broom’s tail can lead it astray. Examine the tail-end of your Cleansweep. If you find an oddly bent or abnormally long bristle, gently trim or adjust it.

2. Balance and Bearing:
Like any mode of transport, broomsticks require a balance between the rider’s weight and the broom’s center of gravity. Try adjusting your stance, or shifting your grip a tad to the right. A slight change can sometimes make all the difference.

3. Previous Owners:
If your Cleansweep Eleven is second-hand, it might have developed a loyalty or leaning towards a previous owner’s flying style. Brooms, much like pets, can get attached. Spend more time with your broom, bond with it, whisper sweet incantations to it – make it yours!

4. Atmospheric Anomalies:
The Wizarding Meteorological Office recently reported some erratic magical wind currents. Maybe your broom is just responding to these shifts. (Or perhaps it’s the Nargles!)

5. Maintenance Matters:
Regularly maintain your broom. A sprinkle of Floo powder and a gentle polish with Dragonhide oil can work wonders. You’d be surprised how much a well-maintained broomstick can improve its performance.

6. Enchantment Errors:
While the Cleansweep Eleven is a reputable brand, even the best broom-makers have their off days. Consult with a professional broom tinker or return to the shop for a check-up.

If after all these steps, your broom continues its leftward lurch, embrace it! Not all paths in life are straight, and perhaps your broom wants to introduce you to the scenic route. Who knows what magical adventures await on the slightly veering path?

Stay airborne and aim high, even if it’s a tad to the left!

With breezy blessings,

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