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Accio Definition


/as, see, o/


  1. Accio is a magic summoning charm that when spoken allows the user to propel an object to him or her. It is most commonly used in conjunction with a noun. It is able to to summon things and items inside and outside of view from the caster. Example: Accio Wand!

Accio History

Accio is one of the oldest and most commonly known spells to the Wizarding World.

The spell is taught in the fourth year of Charms class and is then again revised and elaborated on through a students fifth year in preparation for their O.W.L.s. This spell is located in The Standard Book of Spells, Grade Level 4 by Miranda Goshawk.

Accio Etymology

Accio is a Latin word and means to “Call” or “Summon”. In Hungarian the translation is “Invito”, derived from the word “Invite”