Acid Pops

Acid Pops are a type of wizarding sweet, comes in various flavors, but has a novelty practical-joke twist using magic where they burn a hole in the person’s tongue.

/ah, cid, pawps/

Acid Pops History

Acid Pops are Sold at the Honeydukes Sweetshop located in the village of Hogsmeade. Made by Mr. and Mrs. Ambrosius Flume, the owner/operators of Honeydukes.

People Also Ask

Who owns Honeydukes?
What are Pepper Imps?

Who owns Honeydukes?

Honeydukes is owned by Mr. Ambrosius Flume, a large, bald man, and wife Mrs. Flume in the village of Hogsmeade. They tend to the shop, procure sweets from the cellar when they are running low and tend to customers – particularly Hogwarts students who flood Honeydukes on weekend trips.

What are Pepper Imps?

Similar to Acid Pops, Pepper Imps are trick sweets found at Honeydukes. These sweets are small, black, taste like peppermint and enable the consumer to breathe fire and smoke at the ears and nose.

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