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What’s My Patronus?

Choose your favorite mythical creature?


What is your favorite form of transportation in the wizarding world?


What type of landscape do you find most appealing?


What's your favorite season?


If you could choose any magical profession, what would it be?


Which magical pet would you get?


Which location in Hogwarts would you most like to visit?

Great Hall

If you could have one ability, what would it be?


If you were to choose a Patronus, what emotion or feeling would it embody for you?


Which element do you resonate with the most?


Which subject at Hogwarts would you excel in?


Welcome to the Wizarding World! What’s your Hogwarts House?


Choose a magical artifact!

Sorcers Stone

Pick your favorite drink!


What’s your favorite pastime at Hogwarts?


What's My Patronus?


Your Patronus is a Stag! Majestic and strong, the stag is a symbol of leadership and protection. Just like the noble creature that roams the forest, you possess an innate dignity and are able to stand up against adversity with grace and courage. Your presence is a natural beacon for others, guiding them through the darkest times.


Your Patronus is a Phoenix! Radiating the fiery essence of rebirth and resilience, the phoenix represents your ability to rise from the ashes of any adversity. This luminous creature is a beacon of hope and renewal, reflecting your capacity to transform and heal not only yourself but also those around you.


Your Patronus is an Otter! Playful and energetic, the otter symbolizes joy and a carefree spirit. Like this whimsical creature, you have a knack for finding happiness in life's simple moments and can navigate challenges with cleverness and grace. Your joyful demeanor and sharp intellect make you a delightful companion in both calm and choppy waters.


Your Patronus is a Horse! Symbolizing freedom and strength, the horse is a powerful emblem of your unbridled spirit and enduring vitality. With a natural penchant for adventure, you gallop through life’s challenges with grace and confidence. Your steadfast presence and loyal nature make you a trusted ally and friend in any situation.

Dolphin Patronus

Your Patronus is a Dolphin! Intelligent and sociable, the dolphin represents your playful spirit and remarkable ability to communicate. Just as dolphins gracefully navigate the waters with speed and agility, you too navigate life's challenges with ease and charm. Your cheerful disposition and quick thinking make you a beloved presence in any group.
White Swan


Your Patronus is a White Swan! Elegant and serene, the white swan embodies grace under pressure and emotional depth. Like this beautiful bird, you glide through life's difficulties with poise and dignity, maintaining a calm and balanced perspective. Your refined nature and strong sense of self make you a beacon of light and inspiration to those around you.


Your Patronus is a Hare! Quick and alert, the hare symbolizes your ability to think on your feet and adapt swiftly to changing circumstances. Much like this sprightly creature, you have a lively spirit and an innate curiosity about the world. Your agility and sharp instincts are your greatest assets, helping you navigate life's twists and turns with ease.


Your Patronus is a Fox! Cunning and resourceful, the fox represents your ability to navigate through life with intelligence and a hint of mystery. This clever creature reflects your knack for solving problems in innovative ways and your tendency to approach situations with a strategic mind. You move through life with a quiet confidence, often staying one step ahead of the crowd.

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