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St. Mungo’s In Turmoil, Blood Moon to Blame

The recently opened Remus Lupin Memorial Ward is undergoing major repairs.  The recent “Blood Moon” lunar eclipse caused a surge in erratic behavior for werewolves, even those who take the wolfsbane potion. Wolfsbane potions is a calming agent for werewolves that allows them to transform into their wolf forms but it quiets the beast within them.

The Remus Lupin Memorial Ward was opened several months ago at St. Mungo’s as a safe and controlled location for Witches and Wizards infected with Lycanthropy to check into a secure room and be administered the Wolfsbane potion. When taken properly before the first cycle of the full moon the drinker will be able to transform and behave as calmly as Golden Retriever. Most of the patients who have made St. Mungo’s their home during the recent lunar cycles were observed as spending the majority of the lunar cycle asleep on the beds provided for their comfort.

But the lunar cycle that began with the Blood Wolf Moon, wasn’t anything like the previous lunar cycles the staff and caretakers of the ward had seen. Most of the wolves reacted in feral ways even after having taken the potion in a timely fashion. Several of the wolves were notated as restless and slightly aggressive but more than half of the wolves in the ward for the Lunar Eclipse reacted in a manner that can be categorized as nothing more than feral.

Thousands of galleons of damage has been reported by St. Mungo’s Management and Hospital Board of Directors. Magical builders have been working day and night since the patients were released to repair the damage caused to the ward. All of patients were contained during the lunar cycle, and it completed without incident thanks to the sturdiness of the facilities built by none other famed magical builder Dimitri Antonopoulos of Antonopoulos Builders.

St. Mungo’s Administrator Derya Ciplak stated earlier today outside of the hospital, “We are grateful for their hard work and craftsmanship, and want everyone to know that we will be fully operational before the next lunar cycle, to give aide to those in need.”

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      • The Blood Moon is different than just a normal Full Moon, something about the Blood Moon causes werewolves to lose it completely, making the wolfsbane potion almost useless when the Blood Moon arrives. Something about its magic causes a strange trigger in werewolves, making them more rabid than usual. There is a cure for it, but I have no idea what it is.

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