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Hogwarts Prank War Claims It’s First Victims

More pranks at Hogwarts sends 4 students to the hospital wing.

As we’ve reported Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry has seen a vast uptake in mischief this year, and it hasn’t seemed to slow down even after a prank orchestrated by Slytherin House Members backfired into Vegetarian Nights in the castle.

Over the weekend, someone let hundreds of crickets loose in the castle. It seems as though the insects were release on multiple floors, or they migrated quickly and it wasn’t long before to could here the chirping of the pesky little jumpers anywhere you went. Madam Pince was beside herself with worry when she found the crickets had started to nest in a back corner of the library.

Herbology professor, Neville Longbottom has been seen setting traps and taking them to the Forest when they capture the pests, but Hogwarts Caretaker Argus Filch opted for a different solution.

Without approval from the Administrative staff, Mr. Filch oversaw the release of no less than 20 bats in the school. He stated he was trying to think ahead and determined that they would be the most time efficient and effective source of pest removal. What he didn’t consider was how the bats would effect the inhabitants of the school.

As many as four students were treated in the hospital wing for bat-related injuries, one of which involved a first-year student who was bitten on the ear. Another student was startled by a fluttering bat and toppled down a staircase, breaking several bones and damaging a 300 year old bust of Janissa Verdain famed discoverer of gravity resistant trees.

Mr. Filch has been placed on administrative leave, and according to an inside source at the school, the Governors are reviewing the option of “forced retirement.”

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