Department of Mysteries Not Doing It's Job - Time Turner Goes Missing

A Time Turner has been stolen from the Department of Mysteries. A time turner is a powerful magical artifact that allows the user to travel back in time. The use of time turners has been closely watched by the Ministry since their development and the unauthorized use or creation is a criminal offense.

Sources had previously stated that all time turners had been rendered unusable during Harry Potter and his friends battle in the Department of Mysteries with the fallen He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. However an insider has confirmed that one had been created illegally, the owner arrested and the device confiscated.

All witches and wizards are aware of the consequences of meddling with time and as such should not use nor create time turners. If you are aware of any information regarding the stolen time turner please contact the Aurors office at your soonest convenient owl.

The Auror office has released an official statement in regards to the theft. “We are getting closer to finding the thief. We have several clues including a magical signature that will lead us right to them! The time turner in question is extremely dangerous and not fully functional, use of it will result in splinching in time and in extreme cases, death.”

Traveling in time has been said to lead to serious consequences, such as driving oneself mad, accidentally killing oneself and causing in-births. As such there have been strict laws regarding Time Turners since their production. The use of unauthorized Time Turner will currently sentence you to life in Azkaban.

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